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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Visioneer RoadWarrior Lite Portable Scanner Review Model S8X1100 Review

Need a Doc Scanner That Travels with You? Try Visioneer's RoadWarrior Lite

Buy it at Amazon: Visioneer RoadWarrior Lite Portable Scanner Model S8X1100 [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Lightweight and portable, get clear digital copies, fast.

The Visioneer RoadWarrior Lite Portable Scanner (model #S8X1100) is a lightweight and high resolution scanner that makes it easy to keep track of receipts and scan individual documents on the go. Lightweight and portable, get clear digital copies, fast... As long as you're fine doing it one page at a time.

This is exactly the kind of scanner I was looking for to travel with. The scanner is powered by USB, so I don't have to hunt for another outlet and it's pretty much plug and play. The one touch scanning is a great feature since once the unit is on I can insert a new page without having to click or press any buttons between sheets. The black and white settings and OCR text recognition work great on receipts and documents and the quality of the color scans isn't bad either. The only thing you wouldn't be able to scan versus a flatbed would be book pages or thicker media. You should be able to get business cards and heavy card stock through it though. By default, the scanner saves each page as its own file, but you can change the setting to aggregate multiple pages into one file without having to take a break in between pages. The software that came with it is also impressive. It will automatically "clean up" your images, straighten AND crop them! My all-in-one printer/scanner combo doesn't even do that. Just be sure to remove any paper clips or staples before feeding your pages through. You should probably stick with only putting single sheets through this one. The footprint is so small that I keep this on my desk at home even when I'm not traveling. It beats having to stand by the printer just to scan a few items.

Buy it at Amazon: Visioneer RoadWarrior Lite Portable Scanner Model S8X1100 [Affiliate Link]

The Friendly Swede Money Belt Security Travel Pouch Review

Worried About Your Money and Passport When Traveling? Buy This

Buy it at Amazon: The Friendly Swede Money Belt Security Travel Pouch [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Wasn't sure I was going to like this money belt, but it actually turned out to be quite comfortable.

Due to its thin profile it conceals really well, even under just a t-shirt. The material on the front of the pouch is a nylon fabric like what a rain jacket would be made of. This makes it water resistant in wet or humid weather. It's also washable! The back has a thin foam layer as padding and a wicking material layer, like a soccer jersey, to draw sweat away from your body while wearing it. The waistband is elastic and soft, comparable to the waistband on most modern men's boxers in weight and texture. The belt should fit comfortably on waist sizes from 24" to 40".

There are three pockets in the inner pouch so you can separate your bills and cards and it's roomy enough in both the front and back zipper pouch to stow your passport. Even though passports tend to be rigid and stiff, you can barely feel it through the belt's padding and it's comfortable to go about with your usual activities without even remembering that it's there.

I don't recommend putting anything hard or bulky in it like your phone. You'll definitely feel it, and it may impede your comfort and movement. Plus there's no way to keep it inconspicuous when there's something thick in it, so that would defeat the purpose of using it as a discreet place to stow your items. The last thing to note is that, while water resistant, the money belt is not waterproof, so don't try an go swimming with it and expect the contents to stay dry!

All in all, this money belt is everything that I was hoping for in the product: comfortable, discreet and affordable.

Buy it at Amazon: The Friendly Swede Money Belt Security Travel Pouch [Affiliate Link]

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

.ORG NeverRust Shower Caddy Review (Zenna Home)

The Best Shower Caddy I've Ever Used

Buy it at Amazon: ZennaHome NeverRust Shower Caddy [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to install, nice finish, won't rust, but shakes a bit and has low middle shelf.

The .ORG NeverRust Shower Caddy Review by Zenna Home is hands down the most durable and useful caddy I've ever used. The .ORG brand from Bed Bath & Beyond is identical to the Zenna Home one.

Pro tip: When installing the suction cups, I think you're supposed to put them on the bottom rack on the two lower sections, but the grout lines on my wall prevented me from doing so. Note that putting both suction cups in the middle of the bars allows the caddy to slide left and right so I recommend you choose two different racks and offset the cups to opposite sides for stabilization. Don't remove the plastic clip on the top! This will help the unit grip the shower head pipe. If your pipe's diameter isn't large enough and the top slides, try wrapping plumber's Teflon tape around the pipe. Also, if you don't have a horizontal section of your shower head, this hanging caddy probably isn't going to work for you. The recessed sections on the front of the top and middle shelf are built-in razor holders!

Buy it at Amazon: ZennaHome NeverRust Shower Caddy [Affiliate Link]

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