Friendly Swede Neck Stash Hidden Security Pouch, Travel Money Wallet Review

Friendly Swede Neck Stash Hidden Security Pouch, Travel Money Wallet Review

Buy it at Amazon: Friendly Swede Neck Stash Hidden Security Pouch, Travel Money Wallet [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: This non-obtrusive neckstash helps protect you from pickpockets while keeping your valuables close at hand.

I constantly wonder whether my wallet, passport or cell phone will ""disappear"" from my pockets, so this neck stash comes in pretty handy for storing my important items on my person, where I can easily access them but thieving fingers cannot.

I like this ""hidden"" wallet because it is discrete, has a slim profile and is quite comfortable when worn against the skin. Because of the way most of my shirts fit (form-sitting and cut close to the body), it doesn't conceal particularly well under just a t-shirt. I found that with a second layer, like a light sweater, it was practically invisible, although that might not be convenient in all climates and seasons. The other factor that hinders its stealth is the color. Since this only comes in a black color, you'll notice it more underneath light colored clothing, so I would have preferred a beige or skin toned color. The materials, however, appear to be good quality and durable.

The fabric on the front of the pouch is a nylon like what a rain jacket would be made of. This makes this pouch water resistant in wet or humid weather. The back has a thin foam layer as padding and a wicking material layer, like a soccer jersey, to draw sweat away from your body while wearing it (it's also washable!). The neckstrap is thin, light and extends to 23"" when fully expanded; the shortest length is 10"". For a strong braided strap, it's surprisingly soft and silky and it doesn't chafe your neck.

There are two vertical pockets under the top flap so you can separate your money from other items like your passport. There is also a rear-facing pocket on the back of the pouch, but this one has an open top (e.g. it can't be closed and secured). All three pockets extend all the way to the bottom of the pouch. In addition there's a front-facing vinyl window at the base of the pouch where you can insert an ID or address card that secures in the top-center with a Velcro patch. Last but not least, there's a side pocket with a zipper that runs the length of the right-hand side of the pouch, whose compartment is situated in front of the vertical pockets. It's roomy enough in all compartments, save for the clear window section, to stow your passport or even a smartphone.

If you stick with bills, cards, maybe a passport, and don't over stuff this with big items, it's actually not too bad to wear right against your skin. Though if you're going to be active and moving around a lot, you will most likely feel it rubbing around. That said, I wore it for an entire day with what I'd expect to carry on a typical vacation and by the end of it, I forgot it was even there. Again, there's no way to keep it inconspicuous when there's something hard, thick or bulky in it, so keep that in mind if your intention is to keep its existence hidden. Also, even though this pouch is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so if you go swimming with it, don't expect the contents to stay dry! Overall, I found this product meets the needs I have when I go traveling and is a great companion or alternative to a fanny pack/money belt.

Buy it at Amazon: Friendly Swede Neck Stash Hidden Security Pouch, Travel Money Wallet [Affiliate Link]


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