TaoTronics Car Air Vent Phone Mount Review (TT-SH06)

Keep Your Phone Mounted In Your Car, but Not on the Dash or Windshield

Buy it at Amazon: TaoTronics Car Air Vent Phone Mount (TT-SH06) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Finally, a car phone mount that doesn't require you to stick anything to your windshield or dash!

The mount has a high-gloss, black finish and rubber coatings on both arms and two base supports as well as a rubber backing so your phone is protected from scratches whether you use a case or not. The spring-loaded arms are made of metal and the tension is tight which makes for a secure hold on the phone. Note, however, that the minimum width of the phone must be at least 2 inches in order for the mount to grip it tightly (do they even make phones that small anymore?). The max size of the extended arms is 4 inches, so your phone needs to be a hair narrower. The vent attachment bracket is also coated in rubber to increase friction for a better hold. The tapered design of the legs means that it won't slide off the vent easily without you pulling on it. One thing to note though is that it probably won't work if you have your vent pointed "down" as the grip seems to work best when the weight of the phone is held in place by gravity.

I've used a number of car mounts over the years and the thing that I liked least about them was that the suction cup always managed to come loose, either from heat or cold or just poor design. The other problem I've been having in recent years is that with phones getting larger, I just couldn't fit them in windshield mounts without hitting the glass. With this car mount, because it attaches to your A/C vents, you get a little more freedom, more space to work with, and a closer view. This helps me see what's on the screen better for turn by turn navigation and puts it closer to my power port to charge my phone and aux jack for pumping the sound through my stereo; no more wires hanging down over the dash. I also like that the unit looks pretty slick even when there's no phone in it and because it doesn't have a huge suction cup, it's small and stows away easily. These added conveniences were a nice surprise since initially I had reservations about attaching my phone to my A/C vent, but now I quite prefer it.

Buy it at Amazon: TaoTronics Car Air Vent Phone Mount (TT-SH06) [Affiliate Link]


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