RavPower All-in-1 FileHub Review (RP-WD03)

Get On-the-Go Mobile Power with a WiFi Router and NAS Built-in

Buy it at Amazon: RavPower All-in-1 FileHub (RP-WD03) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Share photos and videos stored on an SD camera card wirelessly.

The device also can act as an access point to boost the wireless signal in rooms that are far away from my router. These are handy features, though I'll mostly just use this as an external battery pack to charge up my phone or tablet on the go. Everything was plug and play from directly connecting to it via WiFi, to linking it up to my network over WiFi. Accessing the device via static IP address was quick and painless. You can also connect to it to use as WiFi storage on your phone or tablet if it doesn't have a card slot to add additional memory. It's a nice travel accessory to toss in the laptop bag because it can replace several devices with just one unit that's compact and functional.

Buy it at Amazon: RavPower All-in-1 FileHub (RP-WD03) [Affiliate Link]


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