TaoTronics Colored String Lights Review (TT-SL037)

These Colorful LED String Lights Add Magical Fun and Fancy to Almost Anything

Buy it at Amazon: TaoTronics Colored String Lights TT-SL037) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: These lights are a low powered, but bright set of color LED lights on a thin copper wire (33 ft long).

The lights cycle through a number of colors at various speeds and patterns. It would have been nice if there was a way to control the blinking and patterns of the lights, like an "always on" mode rather than have a fixed flashing cycle. Note that these lights cannot be linked to another set of lights to extend them. The adapter cord is about 5 feet long.

The copper wire is thin but firm, around 23-25 gauge, with three strands running the entire length. Each wire is insulated with a plastic clearcoat and the adapter connection is fitted with a screw cover making this entire unit water resistant and usable outdoors. The thin wires are easy to bend and shape, and I like that they are almost invisible when strung out and the lights are on in the darkness. However, they are also easy to break if you aren't careful! As with shaping any metal that is thin and flexible, creating sharp angles and bending multiple times at the same point will cause it to weaken and break, so I would recommended re-shaping this string light as infrequently as possible. That being said I found this set of string lights to be incredibly versatile and easy to work with. I did not have any problems unwrapping the lights from the tube they were wrapped around (no tangles!).

The lights are very bright for their relative size and are almost too intense when grouped close together in a small ball, though when fully strung out, the brightness is just right for holiday decorating. The wire gets slightly warm to the touch during operation but not hot, so it's safe to wrap around your live plants. The plug adapter runs a bit hot after a while (about as hot as a laptop battery).

Overall, I thought these lights added a nice bit of fun color and movement to an otherwise dull corner of my living room. I get the impression that these lights would probably do fine outdoors as well, although high winds would likely cause twisting or breakage of the wires so I would only use them wrapped tightly around a fixed object like a post or railing.

Buy it at Amazon: TaoTronics Colored String Lights TT-SL037) [Affiliate Link]


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