Brightech DoublePlay Bluetooth Audio Splitter Transmitter Review

Brightech DoublePlay Bluetooth Audio Splitter Transmitter Review

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Takeaway: This device lets you add bluetooth functionality to any speaker system with ease.

It's pretty much plug and play when you have an NFC enabled device to transmit from. Just plug everything in, tap your NFC device to the receiver and you're ready to start streaming audio. Even if you don't have NFC and just have regular ol' bluetooth, it's trivial to pair via bluetooth by going into your device's bluetooth settings and selecting the receiver. In most cases, you won't even have to enter a PIN number. The device can remember up to 8 paired devices and automatically connect with them when they come into range.

It's nice that the AC adapter AND audio cable are both 6 ft long. This gives you a lot of distance to work with if you need to go behind furniture or under a desk to place the receiver in a convenient location (for NFC tap access). It does however, make you question how "wireless" these wireless devices really are; it's only to certain point I suppose :-). If you're not going to use the NFC feature, you can put it anywhere and connect to it via bluetooth as long as you're within about 30 feet from it. So long as you're within range, the receiver will continue to receive audio signals from your device.

You can control the volume using both the device streaming the music and the device outputting the sound (if applicable). It might be hard to tell from the video, but for me, the audio is clear with no digital distortion, lagging or stuttering. I am impressed with the sound integrity that was maintained as you typically get some "boxiness" with wireless streaming due to compression. However the new BT standard seems to have resolved a lot of that. Just note that the sound quality will be limited by the speakers you attach to the receiver.

This device makes it easy to add wireless bluetooth streaming to all your devices. Even if your audio source doesn't have bluetooth, you can use Brightech's compatible bluetooth transmitter with this receiver and get wireless streaming between the two devices.

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Buy it at Amazon: Brightech DoublePlay Bluetooth Audio Splitter Transmitter [Affiliate Link]


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