Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves Review

Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves Review

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Takeaway: Good for handling stovetop and frozen items, but higher temps bleed through.

These gloves have a cute design. The raised rubber grips on the gloves are actually little hearts. It only comes in the traffic cone orange color and the company name/logo is stamped on the bottom of each glove on both sides. The gloves are entirely silicone and can be worn on either hand (achiral). The silicone is easily washed in warm soapy water.

The gloves are slightly stiffer than I thought they would be. That said the separate fingers allows you to grasp things a bit more firmly than mittens do. The heat resistance on these gloves is rated at 446 degree F. That is to say, the material will not melt unless you surpass this temperature. However, this temperature does not reflect how well it insulates your hands from heat.

I used these gloves while cooking on the stove with pots of boiling water to keep splashes and spills from burning my hands and it worked fine. Drip and splashes landing on the glove were barely felt as these gloves are waterproof. However, if you reach into the boiling water, say for a dropped spoon, you will feel the heat from the water quickly bleed through the glove to your hands. You'll probably get away with 8-10 seconds before your hands start to feel uncomfortably hot.

When I tried these with a baking tray straight out of a 400 degree oven, the heat bled through even more quickly, in about 5 seconds. While these gloves do protect you from severe burns versus grabbing a 400 degree cookie sheet with your bare hand, I found that you can't have prolonged contact with hot items since the heat bleeds through the material. For me, these didn't perform as well as my well insulated fabric oven gloves, since oftentimes I need some time between removing an item from the oven to setting it down where I need it.

With cold items like frozen meats and ice these worked a bit better. For the most part, I was able to work with a sink full of ice water (vegetable blanching) without any discomfort from the ice water. Still, the stiffness of the gloves don't allow for a ton of dexterity and is even less flexible in cold temperatures.

While these gloves do protect your hands for a brief period of time against extreme temperatures, it won't protect against prolonged exposure to heat and only has moderate flexibility gains over traditional fabric oven mitts. They are waterproof, however, which you won't get from fabric gloves, so you can work with wet hot/cold items.

Buy it at Amazon: Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves [Affiliate Link]


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