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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mouse and Rat Glue Trap Review Review

Mouse and Rat Glue Trap Review Review

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Takeaway: Very sticky, effective glue traps for catching rodents and bugs.

Success for this trap is all about location. Set them where the critters hang out and perhaps bait them, and you'll be sure to catch a few rodents and maybe a few bugs too. You get 5 traps in this pack and they are "reusable," however, that's not something I really want to verify. Note that this product is not waterproof and the adhesive is sensitive to the sun and therefore isn't great for outdoors unless you shelter it. Also the adhesive may not work as well in cold conditions like during winter and the manufacturer recommends that you warm it up before setting the trap. To dispose of the trap, simply close it up and throw it away.

The title at Amazon says that these traps are butter scented, but odorless. There is no "bait" in this trap, however, you can use bait if you want. If you get the adhesive on your clothes the manufacturer recommends removing it with vegetable oil and then cleaning with detergent, though I can't say for sure how effective this is since I'm not willing to ruin any of my clothes to find out!

Buy it at Amazon: Mouse and Rat Glue Trap Review [Affiliate Link]


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