Tomameri MP3 and MP4 Player Review

Tomameri MP3 and MP4 Player Review

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Takeaway: Works as an MP3 player, but the MP4 features fall flat due to limited screen resolution, size and file compatibility.

This player is reminiscent to an older Apple iPod mini model, but the build quality is markedly cheaper as is the software and functionality. The body is made of aluminum with a brushed finish and the click wheel and center button are made of a lightweight plastic that doesn't sit flush with the housing. Note that the wheel does not feature touch sensitive scrolling. The instructions are generic and don't accurately describe this particular product and they are not well-written/translated so you'll have to figure out most of the functions yourself. The headphones that the unit comes with are cheap, like the free ones you'd get on an airplane. The sound on them is thin, boxy and the bass nonexistent, so I recommend using a pair of your own.

This unit features a removable microSD card slot and comes with a 16GB card pre-installed. The unit takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. In the center is a tab for you to attach a wriststrap and it also covers the pinhole microphone. The lock switch is on the top with the on/off positions written on the back of the player (left for on, right for off). When the unit is unlocked, the center button acts as the power on/off. There is a screen saver that will shut off the screen if you don't press any buttons within 10 seconds and a sleep timer that will turn the unit off after 30 seconds of inactivity; sometimes the sleep timer is inexplicably shorter and I found that the unit was constantly turning off on me during testing.

This player is capable of playing music, video files, recording audio, receiving radio broadcasts, viewing photos, and reading text files. Loading files was easy by plugging the unit into the computer via the USB cable or removing the SD card and using card reader. All the files are simply put in the main folder named with Chinese characters. The menu is side scrolling to the left and right with large icons to show which mode you are selecting. Oddly, the select menu option is the menu button rather than the center button.

In music mode, you can play MP3 or Wave files. For video playback, this player will only play AMV files, which doesn't seem to be a common video format, so I'm not sure how useful this feature actually is. So note that this MP4 player can't play MP4 videos. Go figure. The record function will let you do voice recordings. However, the result sounds tends to sound boxy with mono input and 8000Hz sample rate.

The radio function actually impressed me. It found a bunch of local stations and if I positioned the player right, the sound was as clear as it would be from my car stereo. You can also save the stations to load again later. The only trouble is that as you move around and the MP4 is re-positioned, the signal could drop and you'll just hear a bunch of static. Viewing photos is what you'd expect on a small screen with low resolution. Pretty much useless. The "e-book"/text reader can only load plain text files, no pdfs, word documents or epubs. Again with the limited file compatibility. On the small screen, you'll only be able to read about 20 to 30 words anyway, so it's not practical at all.

Overall, the MP3 and radio functions are the real features of this player. Everything else is lackluster and frankly, could have been left out. The small screen size, limited file compatibility, and low resolution doesn't make this a good player for videos, photos or text files and the recording function could have been useful if the microphone wasn't so terrible. This is more of a toy for kids than anything else.

Buy it at Amazon: Tomameri MP3 and MP4 Player [Affiliate Link]


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