Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula Face Scrubber Review

Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula Face Scrubber Review

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Takeaway: Softer, smoother skin in less than 10 minutes.

The ultrasonic spatula, also known as a skin scrubber, comes in a plastic case with two snap clips on the front. Inside you'll find a safety manual, the spatula, and 6 ft miniUSB charger. The unit is made of a lightweight plastic with a stainless steel forked tip with rounded tabs. The charger plugs into the unit on the bottom and it takes a few hours to fully charge. With this tool you can do exfoliation of the face, extractions to clear clogged pores and product penetration. However, be warned, the use of this device can cause serious and permanent injury if not used properly and proper safe use and handling must be followed.

This unit did not come with any use instructions and the manual only describes a handful of safety warnings about using the device in water or excessive temperatures. The one thing it seems to have left out that's extremely important when you use this on your face, is that your skin MUST be damp. If it's not, it can BURN you; not from heat, but by the intense vibration of the skin caused by the ultrasonic frequencies. It's basically like getting rug burn on your face and can leave your skin red and inflamed and in severe cases cause serious damage. Even knowing this, I managed to irritate my skin in several spots. It's best to practice using this device on the low setting if you're not a professional aesthetician.

Exfoliation - First you'll want to cleanse your entire face. Then get your face nice and wet. You can optionally apply a light scrub or cream to the face as lubrication. Turn the spatula on, and set it to scrub by pressing the left most key that looks like a squiggle. Set it to high/low by pressing the +/- keys. With the spatula angled down towards the surface of the skin use slow fluid movements and glide across the skin, wiping the spatula off between swipes. This will give the skin surface a nice peel and exfoliation and you may notice mist coming off the surface of the skin as the spatula vibrates. It'll take 1 to 2 minutes to do the entire face. Do NOT pause in any one spot for longer than 1 second, as this can lead to irritation and burning. If you experience any tingling or pain at all, STOP. Turn the unit off and let your skin rest. Apply aloe to any minor burns.

Extractions - To do extractions you'll want to put the spatula on pulsating mode, that's the right most key that says PAD on it. Again you want the area you're using it on to be moist and then you're going to hold one of the rounded tips of the spatula right next to the clogged pore with your finger on the opposite side and hold it there for a second applying a bit of pressure. The black head should come out with little effort. but if it does not, do not leave the spatula against your skin. This mode vibrates with less frequency than the scrubbing mode and you can safely press the tip against your skin for a second or two, but no longer.

Product penetration - Apply any product you want to use on the face generously, it can be a gel mask or retinoid treatment. Turn the unit on in scrub mode, choose high/low and place the flat side of the spatula against the skin (flip the spatula over from the position used for exfoliation) and use slow motions to glide the tool upward along your face. It should take 1-2 minutes to complete the entire face. Longer treatments of 5-10 minutes can aid in overall lifting and toning of the skin.

After using this tool, I noticed a marked improvement in skin tone, clarity, softness, and a reduction of the appearance of pores and acne scars. But again, immediately following treatment, I did notice some red and puffy areas (and some awful looking swollen red lines), particularly in spots where I knew I paused for a moment too long or areas that felt a little dry which I failed to re-moisten before a second pass with the scrubber. This irritation subsided by the next day, and the results were pretty great, but I can't stress enough that this tool must be used with the utmost of care.

Treatments can be done as often as 1 week apart, but generally the effects of a single treatment can last about a month. Exfoliations done too often can lead to skin irritation and damage. The spatula can be used a wide variety of skin treatments to help keep your skin looking young and refreshed.

Buy it at Amazon: Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula Face Scrubber [Affiliate Link]


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