WeighX Digital Measuring Cup and Food Scale Review

WeighX Digital Measuring Cup and Food Scale Review

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Takeaway: Nice measuring cup and decent built-in scale, a few quirky features.

The unit is made entirely of plastic and has two main pieces. The clear cup portion is detachable by pulling on the tab at the top of the handle and lifting the cup out. Replacing the cup is sometimes tricky because you have to line up the tab on the top for the latch and three separate feet on the bottom. Other than that, separating the two allows you to clean the cup without damaging the scale with water.

The cup has a maximum measuring lines for 2 cups, 600 ml, or 20 ounces. The handle of the unit contains the scale. Before first use, make sure to open the battery door with a coin and remove the plastic battery saver tab from underneath the battery. The unit has a built-in thermometer that will measure the ambient temperature around the cup and display it on the LCD panel. The available units are grams, ml,oz, cups, carats and lbs; it is easy to change the units by pressing the mode button. The scale will measure out to 3 decimal places for cups and lbs, and out to 2 decimal places for oz. The cup also has a tare button for one touch resetting the scale to 0.

Changing the settings like default units and thermometer output from Celsius to Fahrenheit was straightforward. When you turn the scale on it will show '8888' on the LCD panel for a short time. If you press and hold the 'Mode' button at this time you can change the settings. When using the scale to measure cups, you need to provide the scale with a density value to convert weight to volume. This is also changed in the settings but only to the 5 preset values for water, oil, flour, sugar and milk. "Normal" sets the density at 1g/ml.

There is also a built-in timer on this unit which you can access by turning the scale on and pressing and holding the 'Tare' button. The maximum countdown is 30 minutes which is displayed as 1800 seconds and you can select the number of seconds by pressing and holding the Tare/Mode buttons as Up/Down keys. Then press the power button to begin the countdown. In my opinion the timer isn't so useful because you have to calculate the time in seconds first and then, when the timer runs out there is no audible alarm; the LCD simply reverts back to the scale so it's hard to know when the time is up unless you're sitting there watching it.

As a measuring cup, this unit works fine. As a scale it's only so-so because the unit is so lightweight and tends to tilt and tip a lot making measuring accuracy take longer as you wait for the scale to stabilize. As a timer it's nearly useless, and I'm not sure why the ambient temperature thermometer would be relevant for ingredient measuring.

Buy it at Amazon: WeighX Digital Measuring Cup and Food Scale [Affiliate Link]


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