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Monday, February 15, 2016

WangJiang O-pouch Mens Brief Underwear Review

WangJiang O-pouch Mens Brief Underwear Review

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Takeaway: Lift up flap for easy access, but doesn't always keep you covered.

The material these are made of is a mesh weave and slightly textured. It's soft but rougher than cotton and not as smooth feeling. The waistband is about 3/4" wide. This style underwear has a hole where the pouch would be, the "o-ring." So you'd put everything through this hole, then cover up with the flap pouch. The biggest problem I had with these was staying inside the pouch. Because the pouch relies on the elastic having tension against the back of your scrotum to stay in place, as you move around or if when you sit down, it tends to slip off leave you hanging free. With the loose pouch shifting around, it's pretty annoying and every so often you need to take a moment to secure the pouch. When the pouch is on, it lifts and accentuates your package, but if you're even moderately endowed you'll have trouble staying in it; forget about it if you get a little excited. I imagine that if you're not so well endowed, you'd have trouble getting enough tension on the pouch to get it to stay in place as well. So either way, the idea of having quick and easy access is a fun one, but for me, the execution just wasn't great.

Buy it at Amazon: WangJiang O-pouch Mens Brief Underwear [Affiliate Link]


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