Kust Honda CRV 2015 Seat Covers Installation and Review

Kust Honda CRV 2015 Seat Covers Installation and Review

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Takeaway: Looks good, nice material feel, easy to install, a few design flaws.

UPDATE: 6/20/2017 After about a year of use, the elastic on the front seat portion of the covers doesn't hold them onto the seats anymore. They're all stretched out and always fall out. This is more apparent on the driver's side because it gets used more, but the seat cover slides around and has to be realigned each time you get in the car. The backseat ones are a bit better but they don't get moved around a lot because the kids' car seats are always strapped on top of them. The color hasn't faded much, but I wish there were a better way to get them to stay on the seats long-term. The other factor that someone pointed out is that the front seat covers impede the functioning of the side impact airbags which makes the vehicle a little less safe overall. There are side impact airbag compatible seat covers out there but you have to do your research.

I received a 13 piece seat cover set for the front and back seats. There are 2 sets of three piece covers for the front seats (including headrest covers) and a 7 pieces for the back seats. The covers are made of a faux leather with a soft neoprene foam-like fabric inside. The seat is mildly cushioning and the front seat back covers have metal grommets for the headrest bars. Inside each section are Velcro straps, elastic loops and/or snap clasps for anchoring depending on which piece you're working with. The stitching on the covers is decent and the lines are neat with few flaws. You'll also receive a pack of plastic rings and metal hooks for installation, however, a set of instructions for how exactly to do this is not included.

A few notes on my experience with this product. I did notice on one of my seat cushions a bit of sticky adhesive/glue on the inside. While this didn't affect the performance of the cover, I did have to cover it up with tape, so that it wouldn't get on my original upholstery. Installation was straightforward and the seller directed me to an installation video which was helpful, but it was very long and the camera work was nauseating.

In the back, the middle section that covers the fold-down arm rest is a separate piece that zippers to the rest of the cover. When you want to open the armrest, you'll have to unzip the section. What's odd about this piece is that the Velcro on the left hand side wraps around the armrest section, preventing it from opening, so it seems odd that there would be a zipper since you have to undo the Velcro anyway. The hooks on the Velcro also cross the original upholstery and I was concerned they would cause damage to them, so I simply left this side unattached. After a few tests opening and closing the zipper mechanism, the zipper broke (the metal piece fell off the anchor). A larger or higher quality zipper here would have been good. The other thing that the seat covers don't account for are the anchor points for baby car seats. Since we use these, we have to fold over the corners of the seat covers to access them.There should really be cutouts for them.

Overall, the set looks nice and wasn't too difficult to install. The covers are easier to wipe down than the fabric and will help use keep the vehicle clean. There are a few design flaws with the center section for the back and how it allows for the armrest to open, and the seat covers in the back need to be able to accommodate the child seat anchors for folks with kids.

Buy it at Amazon: Kust Honda CRV 2015 Seat Covers [Affiliate Link]


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