Peralng Automatic Timer Scheduler Remote Outlet Switch Review

Peralng Automatic Timer Scheduler Remote Outlet Switch Review

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Takeaway: Works remotely w/internet connection, timers are off by 1 hr, schedules cannot be updated, only deleted.

The timer outlet comes with a brief instruction manual that doesn't explain all the "tricks" to get it to work correctly. The unit measures 4" tall, 2.5" and will stick out about 1.25" from the wall, just a tad smaller than the rotary timers. At the top is the power button with WiFi status indicator. On the back you have the device's default UID, password, and QR code for setup.

To control this socket, you'll need an iOS or Android mobile device to install the app. I got it up and running on my LG G5 (Android) within a few minutes. The QR code for the app is in the instruction manual and the app is called 'iSmartPlug.' To add the device, open up the app and press the ‘+' in the top right corner. Choose "Setup Device WiFi Connection then click the 'QR scan' button and scan the barcode on the back of the unit, or type in the Serial Number including the dashes. Next, select your WiFi network and provide the password. Now, plug the timer and wait for the LED to start blinking blue. In the app, click 'Start Configuring WiFi.' When configured successfully, the LED will be a solid blue.

Now you can choose 'Add New Device' and select the outlet (if it doesn't show up, click the 'Scan' button). You can name each outlet something descriptive in case you have multiple ones and password protect them.In the outlet configuration menu, the large button lets you turn the plug on or off. The gear in the top left is for setting the current date and time for the unit. The key icon is for changing the password. Timers/schedules can be added by clicking the Clock icon in the top right. You can choose from a countdown timer (one-time), a one-time date/time occurrence, a daily timer, a weekly schedule, or even a monthly schedule based on date of the month.

The one flaw that I noticed is that despite having the time set correctly in the settings and choosing my time zone as Eastern Standard Time, the timers were always behind by 1 hour, and 2 hours if daylight savings time was checked. The only way around that, instead of setting all my timers an hour behind, is to set the time zone to the next earliest; so, for example, if you're in GMT-5, select GMT-4, then you can at least enter the timer schedules normally and they will turn on/off at the correct time.

The other thing I didn't like about the timer is that once it's set, you cannot edit the schedules. If you want to change a timer/schedule, you'll have to delete it and add it again with different settings. However, even if your phone is off and the app is no longer running, the socket will remember the schedules and turn on at the times/dates you set. I'm not sure if there is a limit to the number of schedules you can set, but I imagine the timer has a limited amount of memory. The other nice thing about this outlet is that it can be controlled from anywhere that has an internet connection. You do not have to be on the same WiFi network to control it (I was able to control it using my cellular data plan and WiFi turned off). You can also use this as a remote on/off switch,making it easy to control outlets that are hard to get to, like ones behind furniture. The power button on the unit can also be used to switch it on and off and holding it down for 10 seconds resets the unit. I'd like to see an update to the application which fixes the timing issue, but other than that, it works as advertised and you can control the switch from anywhere with an internet connection and set a number of automatic schedules for the outlet. Great for holiday lights and turning on the A/C units before you get home from work.

Buy it at Amazon: Peralng Automatic Timer Scheduler Remote Outlet Switch [Affiliate Link]


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