Apeman M4 Mini Wireless Pico Projector Review

Apeman M4 Mini Wireless Pico Projector Review

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Takeaway: Good clarity/color saturation, but limited uses, slow WiFi streaming, no audio out, low brightness.

The projector comes with a 39" microUSB cable, a wall adapter, remote control, a 5' HDMI to mini HDMI cable, and a brief user manual. It measures 3.25" square by 0.5" thick. It is made using a handsome satin aluminum body with a plastic base and weighs only 5 oz making it lightweight and ultra-portable. I was disappointed to see that the feet weren't adjustable to put the unit at an angle. Nor was there a 1/4" threaded screw mount for this to be attached to a stand or tripod.

The projector has an internal battery that when fully charged allows the unit to run for about 90 minutes. With a brightness of only 80 lumens, this projector's brightness fades pretty fast once the projected image diagonal is wider than about 30". From a distance of 5 ft, the projected screen has a diagonal of about 50" and to get a 120" screen (max) it has to be set 12 ft away. Adjusting the focus of the screen was pretty easy using the small dial next to the lens.

This projector is compatible with iOS and Android devices, though has slightly different instructions for each. The resolution of the video is actually impressive for such a small projector. The color saturation, when the room is sufficiently dark, was rich and deep with a good amount of accuracy. The video on the USB stick played smoothly with no lagging or stutters. However, the fan in the unit is quite loud and the external speaker is woefully tiny sounding. There is no audio out jack for headphones or connection to an external speaker, which would have made this projector much more useful for activities like watching movies or playing video games.

When watching streaming video like Youtube, there was quite a bit of choppiness on the projected image and some dropped audio, even though the stutters weren't present on my mobile device. You can also link the projector up to your WiFi network, however, I found that this option is by far the slowest and unreliable.

I was not able to get the HDMI input to work. While I like the output image quality of the projector, a few things make its use limited including the lack of an audio out, absence of a way to mount it to a tripod, slow WiFi data streaming, and low brightness overall. For gaming and movie watching I would pass on this unit.

Buy it at Amazon: Apeman M4 Mini Wireless Pico Projector [Affiliate Link]


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