Make and Store Ice, Baby Food, Treats, and More in This Versatile Silicone Tray

Multipurpose Silicone Storage Tray Review

Buy it at Amazon: Multipurpose Silicone Storage Tray Review [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Use in the freezer, fridge, and oven; perfect size for home made baby food, snacks, and desserts.

The tray measures 8" in diameter and has seven 2" cups. The clear plastic lid pops off easily and each compartment can hold about 1/3 cup of liquid or 2.25 oz of food. Each compartment has a flat bottom with a dimple to help you press and release its contents. The webbing in between the compartments gives the tray rigidity and a solid feel while still being soft and flexible. This makes it easier to pick up when it is full. The tray itself is freezer safe to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 460 degrees if you want to bake in it, but note that the lid is not oven safe. With the lid on, be aware that it will not be watertight so if you tilt it with liquid inside, it could spill out the sides. If you have a lot of difficulty removing frozen items, like this custard, rinse the back of the mold with warm to hot water for a minute to loosen the cubes. Use the little dimple to press on the cubes and they should release without a lot of effort. This tray makes great serving sizes for homemade baby food and desserts like jello or frozen juice. It also makes sizable ice cubes for drinks. Overall, the tray is easy to use, stores a decent portion size for snacks and baby food and can be used in the fridge or freezer with the lid. You can even bake mini cakes and muffins in it making this tray truly multipurpose in its usefulness.

Buy it at Amazon: Multipurpose Silicone Storage Tray Review [Affiliate Link]


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