Stick Your Phone to Almost Any Surface with This Universal Mounting System

KiuKiu Universal Phone Mounting System Review (Velcro Sticker)

Buy it at Amazon: KiuKiu Universal Phone Mounting System [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to apply/remove, secure hold for basic mobile phoen mounting; versatile and can be used on many surfaces and locations.

This set is basically a sticker Velcro mounting system. You'll receive 3 large loop stickers, 4 white hook stickers, and 4 black hook stickers. The large pads are 2.75" by 2" and the smaller one is 2.25" x 1.5". The hook side of the set are these thin strips that measure 2.25" x ¾". The reason you get two colors is so that you can blend and camouflage the mounting points. The hooks on these strips are short and not all that rough and they grab the microloops on the pads, which in generally are flat and soft. With three pads and 8 mounting strips, you can use the set with up to three devices and have 8 different frequently used mounting points set up where you need them.

I'll be using the small pad on the back of my phone case. Because I have this kickstand on my case, I won't be able to use the larger pad. You simply peel the sticker off and apply it where you want on your phone or phone case. I adhered the hook side right above my CD player (which I never use). It's a good location where I can look at GPS directions without taking my eyes off the road.

Now I can simply press my phone onto the strip and my phone will stay put, I can even pull it off and switch the orientation easily. I've been using this system for a few months and I've never had the phone fall off the Velcro tab, even on bumpy roads. The system works well for me and I barely notice the fuzzy sticker on the back of my phone which has started to pill a bit through use, but not significantly.

Buy it at Amazon: KiuKiu Universal Phone Mounting System [Affiliate Link]


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