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Photive HF1 On Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

Buy it at Amazon: Photive HF1 On Ear Bluetooth Headphones [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Affordable, lightweight headphones that travel well; durable, and sound pretty good.

The headphones come with a flat microUSB charging cable and a male-to-male audio cable. They are pretty lightweight and have a plastic headband lined with PU leather, though the earcups are an anodized aluminum giving them durability and a high-end look. These are designed to be on-ear headphones so the earpiece are only 2.5 in diameter. The pads are soft and cushy pads and the underside of the headband is soft and pillowy as well. Controls and ports oare on the right earpiece. The sound from the headphones is clean, clear and enjoyable. There is little to no distortion and the ranges are nicely balanced though sometimes vocals in the upper ranges don't sound forward enough. It does however, have surprisingly good bass. One thing that I didn't like was that every button press of the volume keys is followed by a beeping tone and you can't rapidly change volume levels as you have to wait 1 second between each button press. You can however control playback with the keys. Note that the controls only work when paired via Bluetooth and not over wired connections. One misleading thing about the description is that it says these are noise cancelling, but they are not, in the sense that they send a cancelling sound wave in your ear equal to ambient sound. They are merely noise isolating which you'll always have some of with earcups. Overall, the sound on these is surprisingly good for a set of headphones at this price point. For under $50, these are affordable, lightweight and travel well, durable, and sound pretty good.

Buy it at Amazon: Photive HF1 On Ear Bluetooth Headphones [Affiliate Link]


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