Easy DIY Organic Lip Balm Recipe

How to Make DIY Lip Balm with Stakich Organic Bees Wax, Review and Recipe

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Takeaway: Nice quality, fresh scented, smooth textured bees wax. Easy to work with.

The bees wax is shipped as a 1 lb block in a vacuum sealed bag. The block measures about 5" square and 1.25" thick. Upon weighing it I found it was actually a bit over 17 oz. It has the same deep yellow color as in the product photos and a sweet natural honey aroma to it. I did not notice any off smells from my block. It has a dry, dense texture. I use it primarily for coating tools like leather punches and making the occasional lip balm. The lip balm recipe I use is one part bees wax to two parts coconut oil. The block is a bit tough to cut but I use a sharp heavy cleaver which works well. It also helps to heat a metal knife for cutting. The wax melts readily over medium heat in a double boiler setup. It also cools and solidifies quickly once removed from the heat, so I use a trivet and keep a heat gun nearby if it starts to harden too fast. The final texture is smooth and buttery and helps keeps my lips hydrated and protected from the elements.

Buy it at Amazon: Stakich Organic Bees Wax [Affiliate Link]


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