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LW-20 Mini LED Projector Review

Buy it at Amazon: LW-20 Mini LED Projector (sold by Geeki) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Decent image quality and reproduction, good color and contrast, but needs pitch darkness.

You'll receive the projector, 5 ft power cable, 8" RCA input cable, and a remote control. The projector is fairly compact measuring 7"W x 6"L x 3"H. It weighs just over 2 lbs. On the front of the projector is the 2" lens which comes with a hard plastic lens cap, tethered to the unit. There are two dials behind the lens, the large one controls the size of the image and the smaller keystone ring controls the pitch of the image. The remote has some functionality not present on the on board controls on the projector; it requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. There's a full size SD card slot, AV in port, USB input, VGA and full size HDMI port for input sources. You can use the included AV to RCA converter for RCA input. There are IR receivers at both the front and back of the unit so the remote works with either side. You can also charge a USB device via the USB out port. On the bottom you have the dual internal speakers, four rubber feet, and a 1" screw foot for adjusting the angle at the front of the projector. If you remove the screw foot, you can use the thread hole to attach the projector to any standard ¼" tripod mounting system.

The power cable is short so anticipate needed to run an extension cord. The size of the screen in controlled entirely by the distance the projector is to your wall or screen. At 1500 lumens, the image isn't very bright during the day so you'll need near pitch darkness to get a good quality image. Overall, the color quality is decent though slightly on the cool side. The sound from the unit is boxy so an external speaker via the headphone port is recommended. The only thing that didn't work for me was changing the color temp to the other presets. Cool, medium, and warm all have the same color settings, however, you can set a custom color temperature if you need something different. I liked the preview feature when browsing video files. The max/native playback resolution for the projector is only 800 x 480. This means using the HDMI input for 1080p video will be scaled down. Also keep in mind the larger you project the image, the more visible individual pixels will be. It works best at about 50" but goes up to ~120". In general, the projector works well with a clear image that reproduces color in a decent range. The resolution isn't hi-def, but it works great for a family movie night or slideshow. It could even be used for playing video games. Just make sure it's pretty dark wherever you're using it.

Buy it at Amazon: LW-20 Mini LED Projector (sold by Geeki) [Affiliate Link]


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