Cocar DLP P1 Pico Projector Review

Cocar DLP P1 Pico Projector Review 1
Cocar DLP P1 Pico Projector Review

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Takeaway: Compact and well made pico projector. Decent color/video, avg resolution, and sound quality.

The pico projector comes with a mini tripod, microUSB charging cable, power adapter, remote control, and felt drawstring carrying bag. Cocar also includes an 8GB USB 2.0 thumbdrive, and 5' HDMI cable.

The projector has a glossy black finish and measures 6" x 3" x 1/2" thick. The outer frame is aluminum with a powder coated finish. In the middle on the top of the projector are touch controls for playback and menus. For inputs/outputs there is a full size HDMI port, full size USB port, microSD card slot, microUSB port, and audio jack. The USB port can be used for input and also supplies 1A charging capability. On the bottom of the unit is a ¼" threaded mounting hole for attaching to a standard tripod mount.

I had trouble with the mounting hole on the bottom because the threads had been filled in with plastic during manufacturing. I was able to scrape it out but it took some time and effort to do so. When the unit is fully charged, it has enough battery to run for 2 hours. At 100 lumens, this brightness is fairly dim, so you'll need a very dark room to use it in. The screen size can go up to 120" from about 11' away but gets darker and more pixelated the bigger the screen.

I was able to use WiFi mode and connect the projector to my home network, but failed to get the projector to receive images and video over DLNA. However, music was streamed pretty easily. When directly connected to the projector I could stream music, short videos, and photos. The projector worked best with direct input from HDMI, USB, and TF card.

The resolution is average for this size projector. The native resolution displayed is 854x480 which is SD, so 1080p feeds will be downscaled accordingly. With a few tweaks of the color, brightness, and contrast settings, I was able to get a pretty respectable image close to the original footage in terms of color saturation and accuracy. The sound from the unit is ok, but small and boxy from the on board speaker. I recommend using an external speaker via the headphone jack which improves the sound quality a lot. This is also a good option to help drown out the fan noise which can be a bit loud.

In general, the projector works well with a decently rendered image. The resolution isn't hi-def, but it works well movie nights at home and photo slideshows. You may be able to get it to stream some stuff directly from a device, but at least for me, it's not a great networked media player option. However you decide to use it, make sure the room is plenty dark so the picture is bright enough.

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