Get Big Sound and Great Audio from a Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Avwoo Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

Buy it at Amazon: Avwoo Mini Bluetooth Speaker [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Great sound from a small unit, gets loud but distorts/vibrates at max volume. Bright trebles but could use more bass.

You'll receive the Bluetooth speaker, a microUSB charging cable, a male-to-male audio cable and an instruction manual. The unit is fairly compact and measures 3 inches tall and 2.5" in diameter. The exterior body is primarily aluminum with a brushed finish. It comes in three colors, silver, black and rose gold. The carrying strap is made of a thick, real leather band and is removable if you undo the screws on the sides. On top of the speaker is a durable metal grill that covers the single two inch driver. On the bottom you have the controls. The rubber ring on the bottom acts as a non-slip foot. Near the bottom of the speaker you'll find the rubber door that covers the charging port, Aux in port and microSD card slot, then on the opposite side is the LED status light.

To connect to the speaker, turn it on then find A056 in your Bluetooth devices menu. The sound from this speaker is alright for a unit this size. The trebles are on the bright side and the bass is somewhat faint but tight and punchy; for a mono speaker that fits into the palm of your hand, it puts out a lot of sound. However, when you crank this up to the max volume you'll find plenty grain and distortion. Not only that, heavy bass beats will send vibrations through the speaker causing it to jump around, so it's best not to put it near the edge of a table and turn the volume way up. It'll sound better at more moderate levels anyway. That said, if you enjoy quieter music, like classical and piano solos, the speaker tends to produce audible white noise during quieter passages. The main drawback is that it uses the older Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, so it's not as energy efficient as BT4.1 devices, but it still has an 8+ hour battery life at max volume on a full charge. I only noticed a few blips in the streaming signal.

With the controls on the bottom of the unit, you have to pick it up to adjust the volume or change tracks by holding down the volume keys. This is a minor inconvenience and you can always perform the same actions from the phone instead. Overall, this speaker performs nicely and is a travel friendly, stylish, and decent sounding Bluetooth speaker at a fairly budget price.

Buy it at Amazon: Avwoo Mini Bluetooth Speaker [Affiliate Link]


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