Get Hot Water for Tea, Instant Coffee, or Baby Formula On Demand All Day

Haier Hot Water Boiler for Tea, Coffee, and Baby Formula Review

Buy it at Amazon: Haier Electric Hot Water Boiler for Tea, Coffee, and Baby Formula [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Reliable water boiler, keeps temp hot for tea/coffee and preps water for making baby formula.

The hot water boiler has a plastic exterior and stainless steel water chamber. It stands 14" tall and has a roughly 7" square base. The power cord on the unit is 4' long. It has a large LED display for the temperature reading. Beneath the dispenser is the drip catch tray that is removable and separates for easy cleaning. I've had this unit for a few months and I haven't had any problems except that the branding on top is faded a bit and occasionally I have to clean the water chamber. The boiler can hold 2 liters of water at a time, about 2 quarts. I like that the lid is removable for cleaning the fill chamber since I noticed some brownish build-up inside after several months of use. I think it's sediment/residue from my tap water or perhaps carbon grains from my Brita pitcher which I use to fill the unit sometimes.

Along the right hand side of the unit is a fill indicator so you know how much water is remaining in the tank without opening it to check. The lines are marked at every 0.5 liter, or about 2 cups. I was a bit disappointed that the display is only in Celsius and cannot be changed to Fahrenheit, but I got used to it. After the water has boiled the heater will shut off automatically. However, if it drops below the keep warm setting the boiler will heat up again to keep the temperature constant, which is great if you want to keep the water at a certain temperature for making tea, coffee, and even baby formula. It takes about 20 minutes to boil the full tank from 11 degrees to 100 degrees C. I don't really use the remove chloride or fast cool functions, but it's nice that they're there if I need it.

The unit will continue to dispense water until the dispense button is pressed a second time, which is different from other units I've used where you have to hold down the dispense button for water to come out. One thing to note is if you're dispensing water into a short coffee mug, the unit tends to splash quite a bit, since it's designed for use with tall bottles. It works better with tall insulated tumblers and baby bottles; with cups I recommend holding them up to the dispenser rather than setting them on the drip tray.

Overall the unit works great and I use it just about every day. Just make sure if you're using it for making baby formula to check the inside of the water tank and clean it every so often to keep it sanitized.

Buy it at Amazon: Haier Electric Hot Water Boiler for Tea, Coffee, and Baby Formula [Affiliate Link]


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