Keep Warm Like Your Favorite Miyazaki Character, Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro Fleece Hoodie Cloak Review

Buy it at Amazon: My Neighbor Totoro Fleece Hoodie Cloak [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Cute Totoro themed, plush cloak/hoodie. Thin material, but nicely constructed and provides a bit of warmth.

The cloak comes with a button/pin showing a child wearing the cloak. The hood of this cape/shawl features the face of Totoro from the Miyazaki animated classic, My Neighbor Totorto. The face is sewn nicely onto the hood with no rough edges on the inside. The material is a soft, plush material like a fuzzy blanket. There are three plastic whiskers on each sides of the face as well as two 3D ears.

The front of the cloak has a slightly different fabric than the rest of the garment. This section is made of a short napped fleece and has a single snap button up top. At the corners of the cloak are two sets of buttons that create sleeve holes when snapped together. The material is super soft, but a bit on the thin side. It's not as thick as a throw blanket but does provide some warmth.

On me, the cloak comes down to about my belly button and doesn't quite reach my wrists. I typically wear a 32/33 sleeve length dress shirt or US mens size S. For reference I'm 5'4" and weigh 120 lbs. I think this cloak looks really cute if you're a fan of the character from the movie and the garment can basically be worn by all ages.

Buy it at Amazon: My Neighbor Totoro Fleece Hoodie Cloak [Affiliate Link]


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