Seydi S1 Dashboard Camera Review

Seydi S1 Dashboard Camera Review

Buy it at Amazon: Seydi S1 Dashboard Camera [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Crisp, clear, hi-def video. Very nice quality build, wide angle, decent nighttime footage.

The dashboard camera comes with a suction cup mount with integrated GPS unit, a cigarette lighter adapter with 12 ft cable, 40" USB cable, a mini driver CD, a CPL filter for the camera lens, a 32GB microSD card, and a user manual.

This dashboard camera is compact and measures 3.75" x 1.75" x 1.25" thick inclusive of the lens. It charges via miniUSB and has mini HDMI output. The screen on the back has a 2.5" diagonal. The CPL filter is optional and can be installed on the lens to help reduce glare, darken bright skies, and cut down on reflections.

The driver CD simply has the playback software and a video codec installation file. However, you don't really need it because when you format the microSD card in the camera, it will load the same software onto the card and the K-lite codec pack can be downloaded online.

The camera attaches to the mount by sliding the contact pins into the slot on top of the camera. On the back of the suction cup is the GPS receiver which is integrated and cannot be removed. In order to use the GPS, you must plug the power cable into the USB port on the GPS unit. If you don't want to use the GPS features like location and speed tracking, you can plug the power cable directly into the port on the bottom of the camera instead.

The camera has a number of different resolutions and all of them are HD. The highest resolution is 2560x1080P which is super wide angle at 170 degrees. The lower resolutions have tighter fields of view. I like the 60 fps 1080p resolution because the video is smoother and clearer. During the day the video quality is high def and captures a lot of detail; you can read license plates off the car in front and in adjacent lanes within 1-2 car lengths. At night the video is a bit harder to see, but the night vision is actually not that bad and you can see enough detail that the footage could be helpful in the event of an accident.

I did have a problem with the player software, though and downloaded a different player called Registrator Viewer which worked. The player shows map info, speed, and direction of travel when using the GPS. It'll also show you G-sensor info. Overall, the camera is easy to setup and install. The camera has some of the highest video quality that I've seen for a unit this size in this price range, and it has features like a G-sensor, motion detection, and lane deviation alerts.

Buy it at Amazon: Seydi S1 Dashboard Camera [Affiliate Link]


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