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Crazy and Horrible Rabbit CAH Expansion Pack Vol 1 Review

Buy it at Amazon: Crazy and Horrible Rabbit CAH Expansion Pack Vol 1 [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Funny cards! Cards contain a few typos though and gloss finish wasn't pristine.

This unofficial expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity is not affiliated with the makers of the original game. Unlike most unofficial packs, the jumble of random words that make up its title don't form the matching acronym CAH when abbreviated. This expansion pack requires that you own the original Cards Against Humanity game because there's not really enough cards to play without it. You'll receive 80 white cards and 32 black cards.

The cards have a glossy untextured finish so they don't feel quite as nice as the original game's cards. The finish on some of my cards wasn't that great either, with scratches and scrapes on them out of the box. The phrases on the white cards are hilarious and these make a pretty good addition to the main deck. My only complaint is that the editing was sloppy and there are typos on a bunch of cards. Most are just missed or extra spaces with punctuation but there was one spelling error on this card. At least with this deck, the grammar appears to be proper and the cards fit in nicely with the main deck.

I don't have many of the other expansions, so I don't think I've come across duplicates with original game. I did hear that it's almost card for card identical with one of the Crabs Adjust Humidity decks so if you've got that one, you can skip this deck. However, if you're new to expansions for the original game, this is a pretty fun one to have.

Buy it at Amazon: Crazy and Horrible Rabbit CAH Expansion Pack Vol 1 [Affiliate Link]


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