Keep Cool by Laying Down on Luxurious Leather Bed Mat

Leamat Soinge Cooling Leather Bed Mat Review (Queen Size)

Buy it at Amazon: Leamat Soinge Cooling Leather Bed Mat [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Beautiful leather, smooth glossy finish. Cool to the touch for 30 mins after laying on it, slow to warm up.

The leather bed mat or sleeping mat is pretty similar to a bamboo bed mat, except this one is made of leather. It's pretty big; folded up in its case it measures 18" x 20" and it weighs a good 15 lbs. When open, it measures 76"L x 58"W which is a tiny bit shorter than a standard US queen which is 80"L x 60"W. What this mat is supposed to do is have a cooling effect when you lay on top of it. The top surface has a very shiny finish to it but it still full grain with the natural leather creases. At the corners, the pad is embossed with a floral print. The edges of the mat are nicely finished with straight and even stitching. The leather used in this mat is 100% water buffalo and on the reverse side you have the suede side. The mat is actually made from several pieces of leather, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the top side. When you lie on the mat it does indeed feel cool to the touch. In fact the longer you lay on it, it almost feels as if it's drawing heat away from your body, and that's even through clothing. I will say that it feels a bit strange because it's somewhat slippery and stiff. However, it's fairly comfortable and I actually like to fall asleep on it, as it doesn't get too hot either. However, it doesn't work well under the covers as the blankets trap heat. Overall, it's a handsomely made bed mat and works nicely for cooling you off in the first 20-30s minute you lay on it as it is slow to heat up. Buying such a large piece of quality leather is pricey, but it does look luxurious.

Buy it at Amazon: Leamat Soinge Cooling Leather Bed Mat [Affiliate Link]


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