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Amcrest Dashboard Camera with GPS Review

Buy it at Amazon: Amcrest Dashboard Camera with GPS ACD-830B bundle [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Clear wide-angle HD video, decent nighttime footage, easy to install and use.

You'll receive the dashboard camera, suction cup mount, 30" USB cable, a cigarette lighter adapter with 13 ft cable, a 16GB microSD card, and a user manual. The GPS mount is the same suction cup mount with an integrated GPS receiver. The dashboard camera measures 3.25" x 2" x 1.25" inclusive of the lens. The screen on the back has a 3 inch diagonal. Before use, remember to remove the plastic film on the lens or your images will be blurry. I set the camera to the highest resolution 1080P and the video quality is very smooth and clear. With the wide angle, everything appears to be farther away than it actually is. For example, even when I am 1-2 car lengths away from the vehicle in front of me, it still looks pretty far. This makes it pretty hard to read the license plates around you unless you're super close.

At night, with WDR turned on, everything is pretty clear even in low light conditions. The WDR accentuates light, so if there's absolutely no light around you, then it won't really help. However, even though it is not true night vision, it's not too bad and you can see enough detail that the footage might be helpful in the event of an accident.

The Amcrest dashcam player downloaded from their website will show your GPS coordinates, your current, average, and top speed and distance traveled. There's a separate screen that plots the location on a map, but the map is not adjustable, nor does it show the full trip path. You also will not be able to view the G-sensor data. Overall, the camera is easy to setup and install in your car. It captures clear, hi-def video, and has fairly standard features like a G-sensor, park monitoring mode, and motion detection. The software could use a bit of work, but is in general sufficient and easy to use.

Buy it at Amazon: Amcrest Dashboard Camera with GPS ACD-830B bundle [Affiliate Link]


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