Z-500 Hot/Cold Water Dual Nozzle Bidet Installation and Review (Zen Bidet)

Z-500 Hot/Cold Water Dual Nozzle Bidet (Zen Bidet) Installation and Review

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Takeaway: Handsomely made, mostly metal, stand; fits all tablets, even smartphones.

You'll receive the bidet, 6' of hot water tubing, a 2' 1/2" flexible metal braided hose, 15/16ths T-adapter with rubber o-ring, a 3/8" T-adapter, a plastic inlet cap and wing nut with plastic connector, a roll of plumber's Teflon tape, and a set of illustrated installation instructions. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, and the installation takes about 20-30 minutes. Since this bidet is capable of discharging both hot and cold water, the easiest set up for installation would be if you have a sink within a few feet from your toilet and both have exposed plumbing. If your sink is far away, you may need a longer length of hot water hose, which you can contact customer support for. Another common scenario could be that your sink is mounted to an enclosed cabinet, and you may need to drill a small hole (5/16") in your cabinet wall to run the tubing over to the toilet. If you won't be hooking up the hot water, you can use the closed cap with the rubber o-ring and cap off the hot water inlet on the bidet and use it with cold water only.

The bidet is largely made of plastic so it feels a bit fragile, but after I installed it I found it's not as flimsy as I thought it would be. The internal plumbing of the bidet is brass, so it's won't corrode or degrade easily. The bidet is mounted between the toilet seat and the bowl so you'll need to remove the seat to perform the installation. Keep in mind this may prohibit the use of bolt covers/caps that some toilet seats have. The bidet uses rotating slots on the attachment plate so you can line them up with the bolt holes and properly position the bidet and seat before securing them in place. When you reattaching the bolts, make sure you don't overtighten since the attachment point is plastic and you don't want to crack it under too much pressure. Because it is made of plastic, my only concern would be something heavy falling on the control panel and snapping it off.

The top dial of the bidet cleans the protective cap and the spray nozzles by running water over the unit if it gets soiled, but you can also gently scrub it with a toilet brush. The middle dial activates the front/rear bidet nozzles, so you'll want to be seated on the toilet when you test it out or else the water will spray out of the toilet. When you turn the middle dial clockwise towards the side that says "rear," this activates the nozzle on the left-hand-side which will drop out from behind the plastic shield and spray water at your backside. Similarly, when you turn the dial counter-clockwise towards the side labeled "front," the right nozzle drops down and sprays water slightly more forward. The change in distance isn't a lot so just use the one that works best for you.

The water pressure from the nozzles can be quite strong though this will vary depending on the factors that affect water pressure in your home. On full blast, mine can be pretty intense and feel like someone is blasting you with a super soaker. My recommendation is the slowly adjust the flow until you find a setting that's right for you (there is a minimum amount of pressure needed to make the spray nozzles drop down). The dial closest to the tank is the temperature control and just like your sink you can have all cold water, all hot water (if installed), or somewhere in the middle. If it normally takes a while for your water to warm up, you may want to run the hot water using the cleaning dial before activating the bidet sprayers. This will ensure that you get your desired temperature water when you turn on the bidet rather than a cold surprise. The other thing you can do is leave the cleaning spray on when you activate the bidet and this will reduce the water pressure from the sprayer somewhat, or you can try closing off the water valves a bit to reduce the pressure as well.

Overall, the installation of the bidet was simple and straightforward. The bidet works well for its intended purpose and it's super nice to be able to get warm/hot water rather than an icy stream. With a few adjustments you can wash up easily at a comfortable water temperature and pressure.

Buy it at Amazon: Z-500 Hot/Cold Water Dual Nozzle Bidet [Affiliate Link]


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