Bonfoto B690A Aluminum Tripod Review

Bonfoto B690A Aluminum Tripod Review

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Takeaway: Durable, lightweight, and compact tripod; smooth panning ball head for cinematic pans and panorama photos.

The tripod comes in a heavy duty nylon canvas bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. You'll also receive a set of instructions and an Allen wrench for tightening any screws that may loosen over time. This tripod is constructed from a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy and weighs about 3 lbs. The tripod measures about 14.5" when folded up and has four separate telescoping sections in each leg with snap locks. At the top of one of the legs is a 6" neoprene foam handle grip. To open each leg, simple pull down until it locks into place. There are three different locking angles and each leg can be adjusted independently from the others. To change the angle or collapse the legs, fold the leg in slightly then press on the switch at the top of the leg to release the lock before adjusting its position.

The tripod comes pre-fitted with a ball head mount, protected by a velvet drawstring bag. The "fully" opened height without the center column extended is about 41". If you extend the center column, which has two twist locking sections, you can increase the final height to about 53.5". There is a bubble level beside the foot plate on the ball head so you can check your level. If your tripod requires more stability, use the retractable counterweight hook on the underside of the center column to prevent the tripod from tipping over.

On the ball head, the camera attaches to the mount via a screw down quick-release plate. The plate measures 1-3/4" square and has a standard ¼" mounting screw for attaching your camera or other accessories. There are two knobs below the mounting plate; the larger one is the ball locking knob for setting the angle and pitch of your camera. There is a vertical notch on the side of the ball head for taking vertical or portrait style shots. The smaller knob is the panning lock for rotating the camera.The markers along the circumference of the bottom edge of the ball head marks the degrees you're turning; each tick marks 10 degrees. The panning motion of this ball head is very smooth and even, allowing you to take panorama photos and create cinematic pans. The center column can also be reversed on this tripod for taking macro and low to the ground photography.

Overall, this tripod is a good value for a budget tripod with a lot of features. The construction is lightweight, solid, and durable. It's a travel friendly and gets the job done for stabilizing your camera for photoshoots and filming.

Buy it at Amazon: Bonfoto B690A Aluminum Tripod [Affiliate Link] "


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