Innogear Desk Clamp Mic Boom Stand Review

Buy it at Amazon: Innogear Desk Clamp Mic Boom Stand [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to set up and adjust, holds Blue Yeti mic weigh, strong grip and stable positioning.

You'll receive the suspension arm, a desk clamp, a mic holder, and a 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter for larger threaded mics like the Blue Yeti. The suspension arm is made of a medium-weight steel with a powder black coating. The full length measures about 27" with the upper portion being 14" and the bottom 13". The C-clamp is also made of metal and it has a max truss width of 2.25". The mic holder and thread adapter are made of plastic and the mic holder diameter is 1" for narrow ended studio mics. Some folks have complained that the locking nut for the post has defective threads; On mine I didn't find this to be the case and the locking mechanism seems to work fine. It's tight enough that I need to loosen the nut to swivel the boom, otherwise the post gets scratched and shredded by the end of the nut.

The arm is pretty simple to assemble although it comes with no instructions. Note that whatever surface you mount it to needs to be flat on top and bottom. If it has a fancy edge or bevel on top, the clamp cannot grip the surface tightly (like some fancy edges to granite countertops). At the end of the arm you can use either the 3/8" mic holder or the 5/8" thread adapter. The mic holder did a fine job holding a 1 lb moving coil mic. It was easy to adjust and maneuver around. The arm is rated to handle up to 3 lbs of weight. With the adapter, the boom also performed well in holding my Blue Yeti mic. The adapter can be a bit finicky to get in flush so be careful not to screw it in skewed or you'll damaged the thin threads. It's probably a good idea to swap in a metal adapter in the longer run if you'll be taking it off and on often. I think as long as you remember to loosen the knobs when you need to make adjustments at the joints you can avoid stripping the threads on the locking nuts. You can even easily add a pop filter to the post that the mic sits on.

Overall, this is an inexpensive, functional mic boom that helps you save a little space if you don't have room on for a floor stand. It doesn't have the longest reach or best dampening features, but it gets the job done for a simple set up.

Buy it at Amazon: Innogear Desk Clamp Mic Boom Stand [Affiliate Link]


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