Kingbo Higrow 1000W LED Grow Light (GL-1000W) Review

Buy it at Amazon: Kingbo Higrow 1000W LED Grow Light (GL-1000W) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Bright, powerful, and effective; durable build, easy to use, my plants love it.

The light is quite large measuring 20" L x 11" W x 2.5" H. It weighs nearly 14 lbs and feels solidly constructed. The housing is made of steel and is vented on the sides with three fan vents on the top. There are 200 LEDs each with its own glass lens; these lenses are not fixed to the LEDs and will rattle bit when the light is moved. The lights cover 12 bands for full spectrum lighting over two modes: Primarily red light for flowering and primarily blue light vegetative growth. The lights are really bright at 1000 Watts, so you don't want to look directly into them. All the lights fired up fine except for two, that I could tell but I'm not too worried about it since this represents 1% of the total output.

On the back/top of the light, there are four mounting points to clip the included wire hanger to. The four wires are connected to a carabiner clip for hanging the light, but I swapped it for two ratchet rope hangers so I could easily adjust the height and increase stability. With the light I started my garden vegetable plants from seed (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, pumpkins). I started with only blue light for the first two weeks. After 2 weeks, many of the plants had a set of true leaves forming and the plants weren't leggy despite the light being 2 ft from the tops. When I used tube grow lights, I always had to have them 1-2" from the tops of the plants which sometimes made it difficult to water them as I'd have to adjust the lights each time to get access to the trays. Compared to plants that I started from seed by a south facing window, those plants were leggy, weak, and hadn't shed their seeds coats by the second week of growth.

With using blue light only, I did notice the color in some leaves blanching (e.g., a faded green) so I turned on the red light for the following two weeks. The lights do run warm and make the room they're in a bit warmer by a few degrees so keep this in mind if you need tightly controlled temperatures. The fans are a bit loud as well like running two overclocked computers at full speed.

The plants under the light grew fast so around week 3 I had to increase the height of my lights since I noticed yellowing starting to occur in some of the leaves of the tallest plants. I definitely prefer growing under the lights and the plants look much healthier and have gotten a better start versus the ones grown by the window. The light has a nice wide spread but you'll need a light stand that can hold its weight and is tall enough to keep the light 2.5' above the plants' tops as they grow taller. I recommend using adjustable grow light hanging ropes.

Buy it at Amazon: Kingbo Higrow 1000W LED Grow Light (GL-1000W) [Affiliate Link]


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