When It Comes to the Drivers in Your Earphones, Two Is Better Than One

UiiSii T8 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones Review

Buy it at Amazon: UiiSii T8 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Rich, detailed sound, lots of dimension, bright trebles and good bass but muddy mids; comfortable to wear.

You'll receive the earphones, 5 additional sets of ear tips, a snap open vinyl carrying case, and an instruction manual. The earphones have a unique design with dual mesh vents on each ear piece, one for each driver, and soft rubber ear stabilizer, that's this little nub here, and thick strain relief at the bottom of each earpiece. The total cord length is 50". The ear tips are also unique because they're not completely smooth. There are two textured areas on the pre-installed medium-sized bullet silicone tip which help it grip and stay in your ears better. The other ear tips you receive are a large and small size in the bullet style, which have a narrow opening, and a set of small, medium, and large bowl tips with a wider inner diameter. Just choose the tips that are most comfortable for you and give you proper isolation for external sounds.

Coming off the right earpiece there's a set of in-line controls with volume up, play/pause/call answer, and volume down, however, they are unmarked. The button closest to the earpiece is the volume up key. Interestingly, the manual has pretty specific tempering instructions for these earphones. In order to get the best sound quality, you can't just start blasting music through them. Instead it recommends 12 hours of use with soft, gentle music, 12 hours of use at 2/3 volume, 72 hours at normal listening levels and 24 hours at 130% normal volumes. Now I'm not sure how many people are actually going to go through all that or attempt to listen to music at volumes above normal listening levels which could be harmful to your ears. However, if you do go through the trouble of exercising the diaphragm of the earphones, you'll notice that they sound way better than they do out of the box. You'll probably just notice this over time through regular use.

Once properly tempered, the sound from the earphones is warm and balanced. It has crisp highs and impressive bass response. For example, when listening to Unfinished Symphony's Massive Attack the opening bass drum beats rumbled deeply and had a nice long roll off, though the attacks weren't as tight as they should've been. The vocals ae balanced up top without sounding too forward, however, the midranges can sound a bit muddy depending on the track, especially for live performances. At the loudest volumes it's largely free from distortion and at moderate volumes the isolation is pretty good. Overall, the sound is rich and detailed given the price point of the earphones. It re-creates the sound stage surprisingly well with plenty of dimension and is all in all enjoyable to listen to and comfortable to wear.

Buy it at Amazon: UiiSii T8 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones [Affiliate Link]


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