Crenova XPE470 LED Mini Projector Review

Crenova XPE470 LED Mini Projector Review

Buy it at Amazon: Crenova XPE470 LED Mini Projector [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Budget projector that displays SD quality, fun for movie night with the kids or a slideshow.

You'll receive the projector, remote control, 5 ft power cable, 5 ft flat gold plated HDMI cable, RCA input cable, 1" tilt foot, and an instruction manual. The projector is small and lightweight, weighing 2.25 lbs. It measures 8"W x 6"L x 3"H. The lens is 2" in diameter and comes with a rubber lens cap. The inputs for this unit are full size SD card, HDMI, VGA, RCA/AV with the included adapter and USB 2.0. There is also audio out for headphones or an external speaker, which I highly recommend you use because the on-board sound is quiet and the internal fan is loud. On the back near the bottom is the keystone dial for adjusting screen pitch if the top/bottom of your screen aren't in focus at the same time. There are controls on top of the unit but the remote has additional functions like volume, play/pause, fast forward and rewind. The remote requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. On the bottom of the unit is a small screw hole for the tilt foot and a 1/4" screw hole for standard tripod mounting which is really convenient for placing and adjusting the projector or mounting it.

My tilt foot had a flaw where the plastic affixing the screw portion to the foot crept into the threads which prevented me from screwing it in all the way flush with the unit. This prevents me from accessing shallower angles which is slightly inconvenient but not a deal breaker since I mostly use the tripod mount anyway. The power cable on this unit is a bit short so I usually need to run an extension cord. The 1200 lumens is brighter than I expected as I have other projectors with this spec that are much dimmer during the day but distance matters too; the farther from the wall the dimmer the image. You still need very dark conditions to see the screen well, but in sufficiently dark conditions you can read text like subtitles without a problem.

While the projector doesn't have WiFi capability, the HDMI and other input methods worked fine. Note that while it accepts input resolutions up to 1080p HD, the native output resolution is 800 x 480p so higher quality video will be downscaled. At larger screen sizes (60 inch diagonal or more) the pixels will be visible. Even when set at 100 the max volume, the sound is somewhat quiet because it competes with the loud internal fan. It can also sound somewhat boxy. The sound can be improved greatly by using and external speaker connected to the audio out headphone port. In general, the contrast and color saturation were accurate to the source footage, though at times were washed out, and I had to make manual adjustments. Still, this is a budget level projector, and I wasn't expecting quality better than an old CRT TV. This projector makes it easy to have movie night at home or outdoors and show slideshows at parties.

Buy it at Amazon: Crenova XPE470 LED Mini Projector [Affiliate Link]


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