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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Danco Next Duo Flush Conversion Kit Installation and Review

Danco Next Duo Flush Conversion Kit Installation and Review

Buy it at Amazon: Danco Next Duo Flush Conversion Kit [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Quick install, saves water, reliable, but a tight fit for smaller tanks.

In the kit, you'll receive the dual-flush controller, the quick fill valve, refill tube, a split handle, a gap cam, black rubber ring, and extra zip tie. The optional J-tube is not included with the boxed set. The installation instructions are divided into two parts: installing the fill valve and then the flush converter. It's was pretty straightforward and took about 20 minutes to install. We have two of these units in our home. We've had one installed for about 3 years in our main bathroom with no problems, leaks, or need to replace the flapper. That was a nice benefit because we were using the big box store flappers and after several months or so they always seemed to leak into the tank and had to be re-seated, cleaned, or replaced. The inside of the tank also stays a lot cleaner with less sediment build up and it fill up much more quickly than it used to. With a "quick flush" you'll notice that it uses significantly less water. We like this system because it helps us save water when you don't need to flush a full tank.

We've since installed a second one in our guest bathroom. The only thing I'd recommend to do first is measure the height of your toilet tank. The tank height of our guest bath toilet was only 11" tall which ended up being barely enough to fit the fast fill valve in (it extends above the tank rim but fits under the raised lid). The height also limits the amount of water available for the quick flush, and it isn't powerful enough to clear the toilet with the smaller tank; you have to hold it down for 2 seconds which still uses less water than a full flush but you have to remember to do it. The full flush on the toilet works fine. With the tank in our main bath which is 12" tall, it works perfectly for both quick and full. The overall installation was very easy.

Buy it at Amazon: Danco Next Duo Flush Conversion Kit [Affiliate Link]

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