NYNE Rock Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Boombox Review

NYNE Rock Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Boombox Review

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Takeaway: Great projection and bass response; bright trebles. Loud but fairly crunchy at max volume. Good for outdoors, but too intense for indoor use.

The speaker comes with a 41" gold-plated male to male audio cable, 5' universal travel adapter with 4 international travel plugs, and an instruction sheet. This speaker is very large for a portable unit. It measures 21" across, 9" from front to back and 6.5" tall and weighs over 12 lbs. It's a bit awkward to carry, but does have a carrying grip built into the back near the top. It packs a lot of power into its housing with 65 Watts of power with two active drivers, twin tweeters and a subwoofer.

The speaker is somewhat waterproof, rated at IPX-3 so it can take some light rain and splashing but can't be submerged. It has metal grilles and a soft-touch finish on its housing so it's not super rugged but doesn't mind traveling. Along the top are the controls for power, call answer, play/pause, track selection and volume control. To the right of them is an NFC area for touch pairing with your mobile device. On the back behind a rubber sealed door are Aux-in, line out, 1A USB output, pinhole reset, charge level and indicators, and the power port.

When you power on the speaker, the control panel on the top lights up. Pairing to the speaker is straightforward whether you select NYNE Rock from your device's Bluetooth menu or tap it to the NFC area, and since it uses the 4.1 Bluetooth standard, you'll be able to get 8-10 hours of playback from the unit depending on volume levels. The 6600mAh internal battery can also be used to charge your mobile devices via the USB port in the back.

The sound is clear with plenty of bass response and depth, however, the trebles and upper midranges are a bit over-pronounced oftentimes results in harsh sounding vocals. As a result, at higher volumes the sound is somewhat muddy with distortion. When indoors, you won't have any trouble filling a large room or event space and in most instances you won't ever need to max out the volume. Even when outdoors at a moderate volume you should be able to hear the speaker loud and clear with plenty of detail a dozen yards away.

Overall, the speaker offers better than average sound with a definite focus on the lower ranges. Its size limits its portability but for specific uses like outdoor party music it does a great job keeping everyone entertained.

Buy it at Amazon: NYNE Rock Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Boombox [Affiliate Link]


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