Purelux Calla Kitchen Sink Faucet Review and Installation

Purelux Calla Kitchen Sink Faucet Review Review

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Takeaway: Beautiful faucet, works well without leaks, used different counterweight due to pipe impediment.

You’ll receive the sink faucet, hose counterweight, stainless steel deck plate, rubber o-ring, brass washer, and brass mounting nut. The faucet measures 15” tall and extends out 9”. It has a 10” clearance to the sprayer. The faucet has a single leaf handle for controlling water temperature and the entire unit has a handsome brushed nickel finish. The neck of the faucet swivels 360 degrees, and the sprayer head has a simple push button to switch from a stream to a shower spray. The faucet comes pre-assembled and the shank is 1-3/8” in diameter. It can accommodate counter thicknesses of up to 1.5”. The deck plate is optional and is used to cover additional holes in your counter or sink, but it you have a 4th hole you'll need to order an additional hole cap or install a soap dispenser. I like that the outflow hose comes apart with an easy-to-use quick connector if I need to fix anything.

The pull down hose is designed to auto-retract after you install the counterweight on the outflow hose. However, due to the arrangement of the pipes under my sink, some were in the pathway of the hose and weight kept getting stuck on them (because it travels with the hose as you pull). I had to switch the included weight with a heavier, free-hanging doughnut weight and loop the hose around the lowest drain pipe, so that the weight wouldn't rise above any of my pipes and get stuck on top of them. While this slightly restricts how far down I can pull the faucet, at least it auto retracts back into the faucet neck.

Overall, this faucet works well without any leaks. The look of it is much nicer than the old fixture and save for the counterweight adjustment because of the arrangement of the pipes beneath my sink, I had no problems with the installation. If you have tall cabinets beneath your sink or pipes that are low/offset from center, you likely won't run into the same issue.

Buy it at Amazon: Purelux Calla Kitchen Sink Faucet Review [Affiliate Link] "


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