Auto-vox M6 Rearview Mirror Dashboard Camera Review

Auto-vox M6 Rearview Mirror Dashboard Camera Review

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Takeaway: HD front video res, rear camera doesn't record but works great at night, easy setup/use.

UPDATE: There's a firmware update to enable rear recording, but you have to request it from the manufacturer here:

The Autovox M6 rearview mirror camera comes with an instruction manual, microfiber cleaning cloth, cigarette lighter power adapter w/11' cord, two sets of mirror attachment bands (one normal, and one extra strength for thicker mirrors), a backup camera with license plate mount, and 30' rear video input cable. Note that a microSD card is required for operation but not included, which for the price you pay is disappointing.

The mirror measures 12"x 3". The LCD screen on the left hand side has a 4-3/8" diagonal and has a dark silver tint to it. The front camera is on the windshield side and sits on a ball joint which allows you to orient the camera. There's an external speaker for listening to audio during video playback.

Installing the mirror unit only took a minute, though installing the rear camera to the license plate and hooking it into the reverse light took about 15 minutes.

Because my outlets are off when the car is off, when I start the car the camera comes on automatically. I found the touchscreen controls to be fairly intuitive and easy to use but you do end up with a lot of fingerprints on the mirror. When I put the car in reverse, it automatically switches the LCD display to show the back camera and puts up the reverse guides. The guides are pretty straight on and help with parallel parking and give me 6-8" of clearance when the line overlaps the curb.

Note that this unit only records footage from the front facing camera. The three resolution modes are all HD from 720p to 1296p at 30 fps. In general, the video is clear and detailed with natural looking colors, good saturation, and decent white balance that doesn't change abruptly too often. The audio captured isn't great though and is sort of muffled with plenty of road noise. However, it's clear enough to make out conversation if there's not loud radio blasting. At night, everything is pretty dark but still clear and detailed. You don't exactly get night vision, but lights are bright and you can even read the license plate of the car in front of you.

Overall, the video quality is good for a relatively inexpensive dashboard camera though the audio could be improved.

Buy it at Amazon: Auto-vox M6 Rearview Mirror Dashboard Camera [Affiliate Link]


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