AntDisk Ant-2 WiFi Dashboard Camera Review

AntDisk Ant-2 WiFi Dashboard Camera Review

Buy it at Amazon: AntDisk Ant-2 WiFi Dashboard Camera [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Decent clarity/resolution, easy to use/setup, audio and night video avg, couldn't view GPS data

You'll receive the dashboard camera, suction cup mount, sticky mount, 2-port cigarette lighter power adapter, 13' microUSB cord with integrated GPS receiver, and instruction manual. On the cover of the manual is the QR code for the app to use with the camera. The camera is small and compact measuring 2.5" tall with a 1.5" diameter. It has a 156° lens on the front and on top you've got the microUSB power port, TF card slot (micro SD card not included), and bracket slot for use with one of the mounts. On the bottom is a gesture sensor, mic, and pinhole reset and on the back are the external speaker and indicator LEDs. This dashcam is discrete and doesn't have an on-board LCD screen. To view the video feed and change the settings you'll have to pair the device with your smartphone using the mobile app. You'll have to supply your own class 10 microSD card up to 64 GB in order to record and take photos as there is no internal memory and it can't record o your phone when paired (although you can download video files). If adhering the camera to the windshield you can use the suction cup mount but if you have adherence problems you can use the sticky mount which is a bit more permanent.

In the app you'll get a live feed from the camera as it records; there doesn't seem to be a way to pause recording. One of the things you can enable is gesture photography. Just wave your hand over/under the sensor and it'll snap a photo. The other thing I found interesting is that the camera automatically flips the orientation if mounted from below as well as from above, allowing you to mount the camera to the windshield or your dashboard without needing to flip the image in post editing.

One security measure you can implement is a verification code before you can connect to the camera's feed via the app. The code is read aloud by the speaker on the camera ensuring anyone trying to access the camera is in physical proximity to it. In the settings you can modify settings like the voice prompts, parking monitor, audio recording, resolution (720p/1080p), and G-sensor sensitivity. You cannot, however, change the recording loop length which by default is 3 minutes and each files takes up about 185MB.

During the day time, the video quality is good. However, bright sun can really wash out the color saturation and throw off white balance. The sound is a little muffled and road noise is exaggerated; every so often a second of sound will drop out as well. The images aren't as sharp as other 1080p dashboard cameras I've used, but you can see a good amount of detail and when you're within one car length you can read the license plate of the car in front of you. At night, it is harder to make out details and there are no LEDs or infrared lights to help brighten up your surroundings, so you'll have to count on there being ambient light around. Also the camera picks up a lot of glare from the windshield and oncoming headlights.

The still photos captured with the gesture motion are clear, but I found that some images didn't get captured even though I heard the shutter go off. I also couldn't figure out how to view photos in the app although the videos show up fine. It's also not clear how to read the GPS data from the module in the video as the map under each video being played back is always blank (occasionally shows a position marker) and you can't really determine speed/directionality from the map. However, the camera works fine for capturing your drives and is simple to install and use.

Buy it at Amazon: AntDisk Ant-2 WiFi Dashboard Camera [Affiliate Link]


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