Akface Wifi Smart Power Strip w/Alexa Compatibility Review

Akface Wifi Smart Power Strip w/Alexa Compatibility Review

Buy it at Amazon: Akface Wifi Smart Power Strip w/Alexa Compatibility [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to use and setup, responds remotely to app/voice commands, timers accurate.

The power strip measures 7.75" x 4" x 1" and has a 4.5' long power cord. On top you have a power button, 4 USB ports which can output 1 A each and four 3-prong grounded outlets which are spaced far enough apart to fit large power bricks/adapters. This unit can be connected to your Wi-Fi network via the TuyaSmart app and used with Amazon Alexa voice control. Note that Alexa won't be able to control individual sockets/USB ports, only whether or not the entire strip is powered on or off. The power strip is rated to 1650W.

Connecting the unit to my home Wi-Fi took less than a minute, but you can also use the plug without Wi-Fi like a normal strip plug. Just press the power button so that all the red LEDs next to the ports are all on. With the Tuya app, you can control the on/off status of each outlet and the group of USB ports (as a set of 4). You can even name them to match what's plugged into them for easy identification. Using Alexa voice commands, I was successfully able to turn on and off the whole power strip, but it would have been more convenient to be able to access each individual outlet this way. Even so, it's easy enough to open up the app to switch on/off each outlet manually if I need to. I also liked that each outlet can be set with its own set of timers on a daily, one of, or particular set of day schedule. Not only does it eliminate the need to use a timer with each socket, it's also simpler to create the timers and toggle them on/off than on the "dumb" outlet times that I've been using.

I haven't had the power strip randomly disconnect from my Wi-Fi network on its own, so it seems to be pretty reliable with a stable connection. It's good that I can control it remotely from anywhere there's an internet connection. I can switch things on and off when I'm not at home or on vacation. Overall, the power strip works well and although the Alexa voice commands would have been more useful if they could control the individual outlets, I find that even without that, this unit is worthwhile since that level of control is present with the timers in the app.

Buy it at Amazon: Akface Wifi Smart Power Strip w/Alexa Compatibility [Affiliate Link]


  1. This is a good video and this shows how well the devices and app worked when I first bought it but it doesn't appear to work when you attempt to reset and pair with a new profile. I'm using Jinvoo but perhaps the Tuya app works better? Do these devices pair permanently or can they be paired more than once?

    1. Devices can be paired more than once. If you are going to add the device to a different profile, you must first remove it from the profile it is already paired with. It cannot be loaded to two profiles at once. For resetting the strip plug I believe you have to unplug it, then hold down the power button while you plug it in again. Continue to hold for about 10 seconds and this should clear the settings and allow to you pair as if new. If that doesn't work try holding down the power button for 30 seconds and see if this clears the settings and resets it. I like the Tuya app, but now I am using Smart Life with all my Alexa capable devices, which is created by the same company.


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