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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Popup Mosquito Net Tent for Beds Review

Popup Mosquito Net Tent for Beds Review

Buy it at Amazon: Popup Mosquito Net Tent for Beds [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Complete coverage from top/bottom, fits queen bed, unpacks and folds up quickly

The mosquito net tent comes in a fabric carrying case that has a handle on the top and a zipper along the bottom. It measures 25" in diameter when packed and weighs just over 2 lbs. On the front of the carrier, in a clear plastic pocket, you'll find the setup and folding instructions. The tent is made from nylon bug netting with flexible steel wire struts. The steel wires are rigid but flex like a foldable car sunshade. When folded, it is held closed by this thin elastic band. the netting is very much like the material used in aquarium fish nets and butterfly nets. The holes are small enough to keep out mosquitoes and knats, though not fleas, lice, nor perhaps bed bugs.

Setting up the tent takes less than a minute as it literally pops open when you unfold it. Once you located the top and bottom, you can orient the zippered doors on the sides of the bed to get in and out of the tent. The fully opened size will cover an entire queen sized bed and the stated dimension are fairly accurate at 79" long, 71" wide and 59" tall. The door panels have dual-sided zippers that you can open and close from the outside and from the inside. Since you'll be fully encapsulated from top to bottom, make sure you bring your pillows and blankets into the tent for use when sleeping. The tent is tall enough for me to kneel on the bed and still have plenty of room above my head. Along the top of each door is a fancy hem and the zippers glide open and closed smoothly without any skips or jams.

I did check the entire net for holes and flaws where mosquitoes could sneak in, but I found none. You do have to be careful with the netting though and not use sharp or hooked jewelry or object near it as once the netting is compromised, it won't be as effective against bugs and mosquitoes. Closing the tent back up was tricky at first, but once I got the hand of it I could pack it up in lass than 30 seconds. The directions, even with the pictures, were somewhat unclear, but you can watch the video portion of this review to see how I do it (I think it's slightly different than the printed instructions, but it works for me).

Overall, this mosquito tent is really quick to setup and put away. It's got nice construction quality and a spacious size for a double or queen bed. It also packs away compactly and is lightweight for travel. It fits in my large suitcase for when I travel and the accommodations lack efficient bug barriers.

Buy it at Amazon: Popup Mosquito Net Tent for Beds [Affiliate Link]


  1. When I travel I don't always know what size bed I'll get so does this net work with a twin or full too?

  2. A full maybe, but I think this would be too large for a twin, it would hang way down the sides. You may be able to find the net in different sizes: https://geni.us/yBHfS0M [Amazon Affiliate Product Link] I think this vendor offers one specific for full size beds.


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