Xgody X200 Pro Smartphone Review

Xgody X200 Pro Smartphone Review

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Takeaway: Quick & responsive, speaker/camera/screen res just ok, good for calls/browsing.

You'll receive the smartphone, instruction manual, tempered glass screen protector, microUSB cable, power adapter, and a clear silicone skin case. The phone comes with a PET plastic film protector pre-installed but if you want to use the glass screen protector, you should remove the plastic film screen protector first. I prefer the glass because it's more durable and protective and also resists oil and fingerprints better. The back cover opens from the bottom left corner to access the battery, dual SIM card slots (nano and micro) and microSD card solt.

On the back is an 8 MP camera and flash seated in a textured carbon fiber finish back cover. The front camera is stated to be 2 MP (although I calculated image sizes to be 5MP, so it actually might have a higher resolution). Along the top is the headphone jack and microUSB charging port. On the right side is the volume rocker and power button, and there are no keys on the left hand side. Along the bottom are the mic and speaker.

This phone runs Android 6.0 Mashmallow on an ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Core processor with 1.3 GHz of RAM. It's not super fast, but opening apps is pretty responsive and the lag is minimal. That said, playing resource intensive action games and multi-player arenas might not run as smoothly as on a flagship device from a big name brand. Also the screen resolution, while HD is only 720p. The screen diagonal on this phone is 5". This seems perfectly adequate for watching video and streaming movies, but the external speaker isn't that great and distorts at high volume so you're better off using headphones (Bluetooth or wired) or an external speaker.

Along the bottom of the screen you have a hamburger menu, home, and back key (standard Android keys). The phone has 11 GB of internal storage although 1GB is taken up by pre-installed apps. You can install a microSD card memory card adding up to 32 GB more space. This phone has optional smart wake features, for example double tap to wake up the screen, or drawing specific letters to wake and open a specific app like the camera.

This phone is great for browsing, checking, email and even just taking calls. Call quality is decent and callers didn't have any trouble hearing me on voice calls; even the front camera wasn't too bad for video calling. It's simple and user friendly, so unless you need a powerful phone for very specific needs, this phone is great as an entry/mid-level device, and the dual SIM capability makes it a good companion for traveling as well.

Buy it at Amazon: Xgody X200 Pro Smartphone [Affiliate Link]


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