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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Btopllc iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

Btopllc iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

Buy it at Amazon: Btopllc iPhone 6 Battery Case [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Fits and charges iPhone 6, but is slow and sometimes disconnects

This battery case is a 2-piece hard shell case. It has a soft rubber exterior which provides a bit of grip for your hand. It does however, stick to fabric when sliding it in and out of your pants pockets. There are cutouts for the buttons, camera/flash, mute switch, speakers, and headphone jack. All the external features on the case work nicely, but the headphone port is set a bit deeper than normal and you may need an extension cord to use certain plug-in headphones. The back of the case has a kickstand that only works for landscape mode. The case weighs a little over 3 oz and will double the thickness of the phone. It does not come with a Lightning cable but uses the Lightning port to charge. The case takes a few hours to fully charge and you can get at least 1 full charge for your iPhone 6 out of it. The case is easy to install as it splits apart towards the top. Charging is activated by pressing the small silver button on the front. It does charge up the battery, although slowly.

The case protects your phone from bumps and drops, though there is no protection for the front of the phone. Overall, this case provides a good amount of phone protection for the back and sides of your phone, and you get the added benefit of the kickstand feature and twice the battery life of your phone.

Buy it at Amazon: Btopllc iPhone 6 Battery Case [Affiliate Link]


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