Maxcio WiFi Smart Outlet Plug Socket Review

Maxcio WiFi Smart Outlet Plug Socket Review

Buy it at Amazon: Maxcio WiFi Smart Outlet Plug Socket [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to setup and control remotely, various useful scheduling options.

You'll receive the WiFi outlet and instruction manual. The outlet has a plastic housing and measures 2" square and 1" thick. It has a three prong grounded plug and a single power button on the left hand side with an embedded status LED. To set up the socket on your home WiFi network and control it, you'll need to download and install the Smart Life app to a mobile device.

Just plug the device into any outlet (it shouldn't block the other outlet in a dual socket panel). Adding the device via Smart Life to the WiFi network was quick and easy in under a minute. In the app you can turn the outlet on and off by tapping the socket icon. You can add weekly schedules for the outlet with specific on/off times on different or multiple days of the week. There is also a 'countdown timer' mode that will flip the status of the light from off to on or vice versa and a 'cycle' and 'random' mode as well.

To use the outlet with Alexa enable the Smart Life skill in your Alexa app. Then run discovery mode to add the outlet to your list of devices. For Alexa commands, I've only been able to control on and off for the outlet and not set timers via voice control.

The outlet works as expected and the various timers/schedules are easy to setup. It's great to be able to control devices like lights, air conditioners, fans, and even the slow cooker remotely from anywhere I have an internet connection. I can also shut off appliances that I may have forgotten to like a space heater.

Buy it at Amazon: Maxcio WiFi Smart Outlet Plug Socket [Affiliate Link]


  1. These are junk, they work initially then fail. I have two and they both quit after two days of use.


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