Nitecore USN1 NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger Review and Sweepstakes/Giveaway Announcement

Nitecore USN1 NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger Review

Buy it at Amazon: Nitecore USN1 NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Works great w/NP-FW50 batteries, charges 2 pretty quickly, auto-shutoff and stats display.

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You'll receive the dual battery charger and an instruction sheet. The charger is made of plastic and has two charging bays for Sony NP-FW50 Li-ion batteries like those used in the Alpha series Sony cameras. On the bottom of the charger is a built-in 4" USB cable to power the unit that stores away neatly when not in use. The charger accepts both Sony OEM batteries and aftermarket ones. To charge them, simply push the batteries into the bays until they click, then plug the charger into a powered USB port or wall adapter. While charging there is an animation on the LCD screen giving the stats for each battery like battery level, charger temperature, charged volume, voltage, charging current, and battery health.

The charger can output up to 1 A of current output but may output less depending on the amount of power it receives, for example if plugged into a laptop USB port. When the batteries are full the charger will stop charging automatically to prevent overcharge. The status for the battery may be good, normal, or poor based on a low current test in which case the battery should soon be replaced. The charger will also prevent charging if a short circuit or reverse polarity are detected from incompatible batteries or improper installation. After charging in the USN1, the batteries worked fine in my Sony a6300 and show 100% capacity as detected by the camera. Since I film a lot in 4K I go through batteries fairly quickly and being able to charge two at once really helps me prolong my filming sessions. It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge two completely dead batteries simultaneously which is pretty fast.

Buy it at Amazon: Nitecore USN1 NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger [Affiliate Link]


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