Stainless Steel Folding Lotus Steamer Basket with Handle Review

Stainless Steel Lotus Steamer Basket with Handle (GA HomeFavor) Review

Buy it at Amazon: Stainless Steel Folding Lotus Steamer Basket with Handle [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Compact, non-stick cookware safe, works well, easy to clean.

This stainless steel steamer basket has a 7" diameter when folded up and a 3.5" height. The plastic handle on top is extendable an additional 1.5". The leaves of the basket open up to a width of 11" and have small perforations. On the bottom are three fold out legs that allow up to 1.5" of water underneath the basket. The feet on them have silicone rubber pads on them so they won't scratch your non-stick cookware. The plastic piece in the middle is hard plastic though, like the handle. The steamer basket is lightweight and the handle lets you remove it from your pots and pans easily. Let's try it out in my non-stick flat bottomed wok. After adding a little water, I can place the steamer into the pan and add some pork buns to be steamed. So there they are steaming away; the perforations allow the food to be steamed on all sides. Although the handle is plastic, you'll still want to use gloves when lifting it out of the hot pan as the surfaces may be hot and the steam itself could burn you. After a minute of cooling down it's safe to touch the handle and remove your food. None of the plastic seems to have been affected by the heat, although your food only comes in contact with the steel parts of the basket. The food also releases easily and doesn't stick to the metal. The steamer basket stores compactly, is easy and convenient to use, and works well.

Buy it at Amazon: Stainless Steel Folding Lotus Steamer Basket with Handle [Affiliate Link]


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