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Friday, February 2, 2018

Vava Egg Shaped Kids Baby Night Light Review

Vava Egg Shaped Kids Baby Night Light Review

Buy it at Amazon: Vava Egg Shaped Kids Baby Night Light [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Cute nightlight, several modes, good range of brightness level/color temps, long run-time.

You'll receive the light, a microUSB charging cable, a small metal carabiner, and an instruction manual. This light is cutely egg-shaped and is made of plastic with a solid white base and a translucent white top. On the front you have the Vava logo and a small indicator LED and on the back you have the charging port hidden behind a rubber door. The unit takes about 5 hours to fully charge and the LED blinks blue quickly while charging. Once fully charged can last for up to 80 hours or about 10 consecutive nights at 8 hours each. What's nice about this night light is that once it is charged, it is portable and can be placed in different rooms and doesn't need to be near an outlet. It's also IP65 water resistant rated and is able to get wet.

On the bottom is the power button and rubber ring for hanging or carrying. To change the brightness of the light, tap and hold the top of the egg. The first touch will brighten while the second darkens. When the light reaches the desired brightness, just lift your hand. To change the color temperature of the light, tap and hold the logo on the front and it will change from a bright bluish white to a warm orangey yellow. Again, let go at the desired color. For both the brightness and color temp, the changes are quick so you don't have a lot of time to decide when to lift your hand/finger. You can put the light in standby (off) by tapping the top twice. The status light will be blinking blue to let you know you can wake the light by double tapping the top. If the unit is running low on battery the LED will slowly blink red.

There are a few "flashlight" modes for this light too. After the unit is powered on, short press the power button to switch the light to full brightness. In flashlight mode, the color temperature and brightness adjustments are disabled. A second click of the power button dims it to 50% brightness, a third press goes to 10%, and a 4th press puts it in a flashing emergency mode. To exit flashlight modes, double tap the top to return to regular operation.

Overall, this nightlight is pretty versatile. You can choose a range of brightness levels and color temperatures to suit your needs, it's portable and has a long battery life, and you can use it as a flashlight in a pinch.

Buy it at Amazon: Vava Egg Shaped Kids Baby Night Light [Affiliate Link]


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