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Monday, February 26, 2018

XYUN Mesh Laundry Bags Review

XYUN Mesh Laundry Bags Review

Buy it at Amazon: XYUN Mesh Laundry Bags [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Helps separate your wash easily, stand up to machine wash/dry cycles, non-shrinking.

You'll receive four mesh polyester laundry bags and two lingerie bags. Of the four bags, the smallest is 11" x 16" color coded yellow, then you have two medium size 15" x 20" color coded green, and a large 19" x 24" colored blue. The lingerie bags are pink cylinders. The bag measures 12" with an 8" diameter and the tote is 6" with a 6.5" diameter and plastic top/bottom supports to keep its shape.

The materials used for the mesh are sturdy and durable. They stood up fine in my top load washer on the "intensive" cycle and the dryer on high heat without tearing or shrinking. However, since they are made of mesh you need to be careful of clothing with Velcro (like men's swim trunks) as the hooks can grab and create pulls in the material. All the seams are stitched on the interior and clean without any loose threads. The zipper pulls used are plastic but are smooth sliding and be hidden under the elastic tabs at the end of the zippers, so they won't get caught or damaged in the wash. These laundry bags do a nice job separating your clothing in the wash for things that get easily tangled, lost, or stretched like stockings, underwear, socks, and lingerie. Overall, these bags are pretty heavy duty and work exactly as advertised. You can even use them for packing and storage to separate categories of items.

Buy it at Amazon: XYUN Mesh Laundry Bags [Affiliate Link]


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