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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ezapor 100 Inch Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Projector Screen Review

Ezapor 100 Inch Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Projector Screen Review

Buy it at Amazon: Ezapor 100 Inch Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Projector Screen [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Works indoor/outdoor, tight wrinkle-free screen, durable frame, lightweight, packs compactly.

You'll receive the projector screen in a nylon padded duffel bag on which the handles can be Velcro'd together for easier carrying. Inside are the instructions for assembly, PVC screen, rectangular frame, two legs, four ground stakes, two rigging cords, and two hanging rings. Setting up the frame for the screen takes about 5-10 mins for one person to complete on their own. The entire metal steel frame is collapsible which is how it fits into a relatively small bag. It weighs about 25 lbs. Assembly is tool-less and everything snaps or screws together easily. The hardest part the first time I set this up was getting the screen stretched out enough to reach all the button clasps. It may be because I was assembling it in the cold outdoors (~40° F), so I expect that in warmer weather or indoors the screen material might be a tad more flexible. Even so, with lots of pulling I was able to get the screen buttoned down all the way and after leaving it up for a few days, the wrinkles from being folded up relaxed and faded and the screen stretched out a bit so subsequent setups have been much easier. The screen has nylon pull straps at each corner to help you with stretching it out, but it's always going to be a tight fit, which you want to ensure the screen is completely flat. I was impressed that the screen didn't rip or tear from all the tension and pulling. The outside black border around the visible white portion of the screen appears to be synthetic leather for added durability.

For windy outdoor conditions, you can add the retention rings to the top of the frame and utilize the rigging cords and ground spikes to anchor the frame and provide additional stability. However, you best solution is to simply sandbag the feet if you're worried about the wind. The back of the screen is covered in black PVC for an impenetrable light barrier that prevent light bleed from the back. This also means, however, that you won't be able to do rear projection onto this screen. The fully assembled screen measures about 79" or about 6.5' high. The width is 92" and the clearance for the legs is 35". The viewable area screen is 99.5", just under the advertised 100" diagonal. To fill the screen, I need to set my projector about 15 feet away.

The smooth white background of the screen provides an excellent surface to project onto. It doesn't distort or discolor the image like the offwhite paint on my walls/ceiling, and it reproduces the contrast of the images well. The screen performs best in very dark conditions, and the small wrinkles in the screen from creases were not visible in the projected image. There was little if any shadowing as the full-frame prevents the screen from developing waves from uneven tension. It works great indoors and outdoors. The construction is sturdy and lightweight making it easy to move fully assembled or packed away. It works great for family movie night, projecting live TV, and could also be used for work presentations.

Buy it at Amazon: Ezapor 100 Inch Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Projector Screen [Affiliate Link]


  1. helo dear .. i want to perchase sacreen size 10 *8 feet . from where i can perchase for pakistan .. .. in how much price .. pl give me detail.. ? thx

    1. Hello, I found an 10x8 ft fabric projection screen that can be shipped to Pakistan on Ebay: https://ebay.to/2DkM2CD [Ebay Affiliate Link] The price for the screen is $180 USD = 25,124 PKR. This does not include the shipping fee, the cost which will depend on your specific location. You can find more information, estimate shipping cost, or place an order using this link: https://ebay.to/2DkM2CD [Ebay Affiliate Link]

  2. Hello
    I Want to buy folding projector screen size (6ftx4ft). so its available in india.
    Enock Christian

  3. Hello,
    i want to buy folding projector screen size 6ftX8ft so its available in india

  4. Here is one you can buy on Ebay that will ship to India: http://ebay.to/2I8Nuw2 [Amazon Affiliate Product Link] The screen comes in various sizes and the one you want has would be the 84" diagonal. The price is currently $154 (without shipping) Shipping is approximately $20 USD.


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