No-Show Ankle Toe Socks Review

No Show Toe Socks Review

Buy it at Amazon: No Show Toe Socks [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Lightweight and breathable, a thin lining for toe shoes, keeps feet dry/clean.

The assorted pack from artfasion comes with four pairs of socks, two in each color/pattern. Toe socks are kind of like gloves for your feet. They have individual sections for each of your toes and work well for those that wear toe shoes like the Vibrams or Skeletoes athletic runners. Normal socks won't fit in those, so usually folks go barefoot in them, but others prefer to have an extra layer that you can remove and wash, and these socks fit the bill. They're also very low profile, rising just up to the ankle and leave most of the top of your foot exposed. The material is cotton but pretty thin and light which makes it breathable. In regular shoes, they are pretty much invisible but the tops of your foot may rub on the inside of the tongue of the shoe. At the back of the sock, inside the heel are three silicone stripes that helps the sock cling to your skin so that it doesn't slide down. While having separated toes in socks feels a bit odd at first these are so lightweight that it nearly feels like you're barefoot. They add a bit of warmth and keep your feet dry and off dirty floors. It does take some extra time to put them on since you have to get your toes into each section one at a time, but it's not too difficult. Like gloves, these socks have a distinct left and right (non-chiral), and you can't swap sides or use two of the same side socks. While they may wear out quickly due to the thiness of the mateiral, it's the best way to use your toe shoes with socks without adding a lot of unecessary padding. I like these socks for what they are and would recommend them for folks who don't want to go barefoot in their toe shoes.

Buy it at Amazon: No Show Toe Socks [Affiliate Link]


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